How to transfer your iTunes music to your Android phone

A lot of people use iTunes to manage their music files even those who doesn’t own an iPod. Anyway if you have an Android phone, chances are it’s also a capable music player and why not make the most out of it right? Here’s an easy way to transfer your iTunes music to your Android phone including album art, tags, playlists, etc.

iTunes to AndroidFor my guide, I will be using the tiny but decent Samsung Galaxy 5 and an amazing free application called DoubleTwist. It’s a tiny setup file but it will download more installation files once you run it.

DoubleTwist is like the iTunes for the Android OS. You can use it to manage your music, apps, podcasts, etc. then sync your stuff to your Android phone. You can also use it to sync your iTunes music library to your Android phone! Here’s how:

1. Run DoubleTwist once it’s installed and plug in your Android phone. Make sure you choose Mass Storage or USM Mode. DoubleTwist will automatically detect your phone (even the model for common Android phones).


Go ahead, you can click each image for a bigger resolution.

DoubleTwist also detected the capacity of the microSD on my phone. I’m not sure if it can sync it to a phone’s internal storage. But it probably can if your phone has a huge internal storage.

2. Go to Library > Import iTunes Playlist.


The limitation here is that it can only import from your main iTunes library so if you have multiple iTunes library then it won’t pull the playlist from the others.

You can also import playlists from Windows Media Player by the way.

3. A pop-up window will appear, just click Import.


4. Your playlists will appear on the left pane.


5. Now select Music as your media to sync. You can also choose to sync selected playlists if you want. When everything’s set, click the Sync button.


6. A progress bar will show at the bottom. It will copy the music files included in the playlist and its ID3 Tags (if you used it) and album art (if available).


7. Once you see that the Sync was successful you can remove your device from your PC and enjoy your iTunes music on your Android phone.


Hooray for DoubleTwist even if its interface is a rip-off of iTunes. Now I can enjoy my iPod music on my Android phone! I hear that this also works with Nokia and Windows Mobile phones :).

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13 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    Nice… I might buy an Android after my Blackberry got stolen :(

  2. Jam. says:

    How about contacts? pwede din ba magtransfer ng contacts from WinMo to Computer tapos computer to iPod touch. Hindi ko kasi matransfer contacts ko from WinMo :|

  3. gellie says:

    Bakit yung sa BB ko, yung interface ay hindi rip-off itunes? :(

  4. John B says:

    Will this app run on iMac?

  5. Nichole says:

    I can’t get any files to sync it says sync complete skipped 145 files

  6. victoryox says:

    Another way to sync iTunes music to your Android phone is to get TuneClone to help you convert iTunes music to MP3 files first. It is most useful if you have lots of iTunes songs that are still under DRM protection.

  7. Bailey says:

    I transferred my playlist from iTunes to Double Twist, then to my Galaxy..then I see my playlist in Music Player try it..says unsupported format! and suggestions?

  8. Thanks for the tips. I usually use another tool named iTransfer to transfer iTunes songs to Android phone.

  9. Gabi Johnson says:

    I got it loaded to double twist, but when my playlist imported, it added songs that weren’t originally on my playlist. It says there are the same number of songs in each list, but if that’s the case, do I have to delete the ones I don’t want, then go thru *all* of them and find what’s missing?

  10. rasual rasual (@RasualLee) says:

    here is another way to transfer itunes music to android

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