The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 6

Teams are down to 7 and it’s unlikely that they will be staying in the Philippines for another leg. Leading the pack are the Malaysian boys Ethan and Kharie while Hussein and Natasha are bringing the rear.

There’s a big chance that everyone will eventually start at the same time because this leg will involve flights. Let’s see what happens.

Fly to New Zealand

First task is for teams to fly to Invercargill, New Zealand. At the Bicol International Airport, all teams were able to board the same direct flight to Christchurch, New Zealand. From there, they will look for a flight to Invercargill.

I think Jess and Lani having lived in Australia should have an advantage here as far as driving a right-hand drive vehicle is concerned.

Getting to Invercargill, New Zealand

The teams were on the same footing when they landed at Christchurch. Everyone except for Ethan and Khairie and Michelle and Claire ran inside the terminal and went straight to the ticket counters. They just stood there looking for the Customer Service area where they were able to secure flights ahead of the others.

The fast teams (Richards, Jess and Lani, Ivan and Hilda, Sunaina and Dimple) who went straight to the ticket counter missed the correct counter and ended up going to the other end of the terminal so they had to go back.

Hussein and Natasha were able to get to the counter first because they asked for the right directions and they were able to buy a pair of tickets for the first flight out.

Jess and Lani were the next to arrive at the counter and the Richards went to the other one beside it. Unfortunately for Jess and Lani, their counter guy was slow (maybe mesmerized by their beauty) allowing the person attending to the Richards to get them one guaranteed seat and another standby ticket. Jess and Lani gambled with two standby tickets.

Ivan and Hilda and Sunaina and Dimple bought tickets for the next available flight.

At the waiting area, Jess and Lani were kinda begging and crying for somebody to switch tickets with them. The Richards went to the pub and asked a gentleman to trade tickets. The guy agreed and he swapped his ticket with their standby one. Jess and Lani were unsuccessful though. Yikes.

11:30 AM Flight: Natasha and Hussein, Ethan and Khairie, Michelle and Claire, Richard and Richard.

Jess and Lani were reprimanded for harassing the other passengers and they were left with a 3:30PM ticket. Ouch.

1:30 PM Flight: Ivan and Hilda, Sunaina and Dimple

Finding Fisherman

Landing at Invercargill, teams must drive some sort of RV to Te Anau and find a local fisherman for their next clue.

Natasha and Hussein were able to lead the pack in a one-lane road. With Hussein’s slow driving, everyone had no choice but to drive behind them. Ethan and Khairie even got pulled over for driving too slow. Hahaha.

Anyway, Ethan and Khairie were able to find the fisherman first while the others were asking the locals.

Hard being a lumberjack

Next task is for teams to drive to Pillan’s Paddock near Kingston. There they must manually saw 5 slices of a log as a team, then slice another piece each singlehandedly.

The Richards found the fisherman shortly. Then came Natasha and Hussein and Michelle and Claire.

At 3:30 PM, last team Jess and Lani finally got on board their flight to Invercargill.

Hours of Operation

The Richards drove fast and eventually overtook Ethan and Khairie only to find out that there’s a Hour of Operation at Pillan’s Paddock from 8:45 AM to 4:30 PM. They were late by only 30 minutes. If they’ve made it, they would have a very good lead.

However, this will allow Jess and Lani to catch up and everyone will be on equal footing again in the morning.

Ivan and Hilda went off course while looking at the scenery instead of the road. Sunaina and Dimple who were following them realized that they were lost and had to ask some locals for directions.

It was already dark but Jess and Lani were able to catch up with Ivan and Hilda who were driving slowly. Lani’s dad being a fisherman saw a fishing lantern and they found the fisherman first. Good job girls. They got their clue ahead of Sunaina and Dimple and Ivan and Hilda.

Sawing Time

Come morning, the racers were rested for the physically grueling task ahead. The boys will have an advantage here. Having trouble coordinating were Hussein and Natasha not being able to get a rhythm going.

Expectedly for a physical task, the Richards finished first ahead of the others.

Next is for teams to drive to the popular AJ Hackett Bungy in Queenstown.

Detour: Plunge or Swing

Just like in TAR2, Plunge will let the teams bungy jump from a height 134m above the Nevis River one at a time. In Swing, teams are seated side by side and will swing down Nevis Canyon from a height of 300m.

I think the correct call here would be the Swing because teams can do the task in one go. However, Plunge is more exciting and I won’t blame teams for choosing it instead.

The Richards chose Plunge.

Next to finish the sawing task were Ethan and Khairie then Michelle and Claire. Even with Hussein’s constant prodding that was pissing Natasha, they finished fourth. Sunaina and Dimple finished next. Last to finish were Ivan and Hilda no thanks to her whining.

Plunge: Richards, Ethan and Khairie, Sunaina and Dimple, Ivan and Hilda

Swing: Jess and Lani, Hussein and Natasha

While on their way to Queenstown, Ethan and Khairie realized that their fuel was getting low so they had to turn and go back to Kingston to refuel. This allowed the other teams to pass them.

The Richards arrived first at the bungy station. Surprisingly, Sunaina and Dimple arrived right behind them and got the number 2 slot. Michelle and Claire were the first at the Swing task.

The Richards quickly did their bungy jump with RHAR taking slightly longer due to his fear of heights. This allowed Michelle and Claire to finish their task before Dimple and Sunaina.

Rugby with a U-Turn

Next task is for teams to drive to the rugby field located at the Queenstown Events Center. There are two tasks involved here. First, they must pass three rugby defenders in a touch-rugby game. Afterwards, they must kick a conversion in 10 attempts or suffer a 10-minute penalty.

The Richards again will have the advantage here since both played American football before.

This task also has a U-Turn attached to it where a team can force another team to go back and do the other half of the Detour.

The Richards arrived first and chose not to U-turn anyone. Michelle and Claire arrived next and chose to U-turn Dimple and Sunaina. Unsurprisingly since they got Yielded by the Indian girls back in Sri Lanka.

Hussein and Natasha who chose Swing finished before Dimple and Sunaina were done. When they reached the Events Centre, they cheered when they saw who was in for a U-Turn. Jess and Lani did swing as well and finished ahead of the Dimple and Sunaina.

Dimple and Sunaina kinda expected that they will have to do the other detour when they arrived at the rugby field. They don’t mind and even thanked Michelle and Claire for allowing them do the Swing.

The Richards wasted no time at the Rugby. RHAR even managed to kick the ball along with his shoe into the goal in one try. Hahaha.

Roadblock: Avalanche Rescue

Next task is for teams to go to a ski resort in Coronet Peak. There, a team member  must use an Avalanche Rescue transceiver to search an area for a hidden object buried under the snow.

Back at the bungy jump, Ethan was very silent as he prepared for his plunge. He mentioned his fear of heights in the first episode where he washed windows while hanging outside a cruise ship.

At the rugby field, Claire and Michelle knew that they won’t be able to kick a goal so they just quickly finished all 10 attempts to take their 10-minute penalty.

Natasha and Hussein, Jess and Lani and Sunaina and Dimple also got the 10-minute penalty.

For the last team, Hilda was having trouble doing the Plunge. She just couldn’t overcome her fear of heights. She let Ivan go ahead of her and even scolded him for not thinking about it first. Hahaha. Even afterwards, she just couldn’t take the plunge and eventually they decided to switch to Swing instead which they were able to finish with Hilda being ecstatic for completing it.

Hussein and Claire did the Roadblock for their respective teams. They managed to catch up with RHAR who was still searching the area but shortly finished the task.

To the Pit Stop

Finally it’s the Pit Stop. Teams must ride a 4×4 to the top of Coronet Peak. It’s another one of those un-suspenseful race to the Pit Stop because there’s no way for teams to get lost. Teams will arrive in the order they finished the last task.

Hussein and Claire were both directed to the same spot by their transceiver but Hussein got their first. This made Hussein mad and Claire can’t do anything but just dig around. Hussein managed to get the object first and this forced Claire’s transceiver to point her to a different area which she was able to dig out.

Back at the rugby field, the last team Ivan and Hilda were the only other team to score a field goal with Ivan doing it in his first attempt.

At Coronet Peak, Ethan who did the roadblock was able to catch up with Dimple. He even managed to find the object first ahead of Dimple who found hers shortly after. Both teams arrived at the Pit Stop almost at the same time.

Episode 6 Pit Stop – Coronet Peak, New Zealand

  1. Richard and Richard (4 day 3 night stay at Marina Bay Sands Singapore)
  2. Hussein and Natasha
  3. Michelle and Claire
  4. Jess and Lani
  5. Ethan and Khairie
  6. Sunaina and Dimple
  7. Ivan and Hilda (eliminated)


Yay! This leg was favorable to the Richards who is the most physically strong among the teams. Good thing they didn’t have problems with driving directions this time around. Good job guys.

From last place to second place, Hussein and Natasha are looking strong.

The ride back to town must’ve cost Ethan and Khairie a lot of time. From 2nd place after the sawing task, they were passed by four other teams. It didn’t show in the editing but that’s a lot of time that pushed them down to 5th place.

After being the last team to fly out of Christchurch, I was fearing that Jess and Lani might be eliminated in this leg. Good thing there was an Hour of Operation but what’s better is that they really turned it on when they went ahead Ivan and Hilda and Sunaina and Dimple to find the fisherman. Woot! Go girls!

I feel sorry for Ivan that they got eliminated. But he’s not mad or disappointed though. That’s a good husband. It’s bound to happen anyway with Hilda always bringing their team down leg after leg.

Lastly, I really envy the teams who did the bungy jump. Man that was wild. Tune in next week for the next episode of The Amazing Race Asia 4. Thanks for reading!

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  1. farah says:

    congrates malaysian team (definitely not hilda’s) guys so cool, even though you faced trouble at the beginning of episode 5 but u still not been eliminated!

    • Calvin says:

      it was not shown but I think ethan and khairie got lost looking for the bungy jump. There are alot of bungy jump areas in Queenstown and they went to the Kawarau bridge bungy instead of nevis.

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    Nice Blog!

    Even though I watch every episode, I check what you’ve written about it. You are biased towards Jess n Lani, and it seems fair.

    Keep writing

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