The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 5

Teams are still in Sri Lanka but they’ll be leaving for a different country next, the Philippines. Leading the pack are the bald Richards who took the fast forward on the last leg but might not be able to capitalize their lead due to limited flights out of the country. Bringing in the rear are Sahil and Manas.

Let’s see how the teams do in what the producers say the most expensive production ever. The Pit Stop is at a luxurious resort and they got a fashion and social icon to greet the racers at the end of the leg.

Fly to the Philippines

As expected, the first task was to go directly to the airport and fly to Manila, Philippines. Then travel by plane or by bus to Legazpi City, Bicol and search the carpark for marked jeepneys for their next clue.

The Richards were the first team out at 1:35 AM and they didn’t expect to get into any flights real soon. An hour later, the other teams started moving out and were able to catch up with each other at the airport.

Anybody knew why Manas got his head shaved?

All the teams were able to board the same flight. Manas shaved his head before leaving for the airport by the way. Don’t really know why and I didn’t caught his explanation. Anybody knew?

Air or Land?

Their plane landed in Manila early evening. Bus ride is around 12 hours while plane takes only about 45 minutes. However, there are no flights in the evening so those who want to fly will have to wait till morning.

The Richards busted out of the doors and quickly took a cab to go to the bus terminal. The other teams followed suit while Hussein and Natasha and Sahil and Manas decided to spend the night at the airport for the morning flight to Legazpi.

Michelle and Claire, Ethan and Khairie and Jess and Lani were on the first bus out at around 7PM.

Ivan and Hilda, the Richards, Sunaina and Dimple followed shortly on the 2nd bus.

Jeepney to Lignon Hill

The teams who took the bus arrived in Legazpi in the early morning and almost at the same time. Their next task is to ride a marked jeepney to go to Lignon Hill to see a majestic view of the Mayon Volcano and find their next clue.

It was a drag race on a dusty road featuring pimped up long jeepneys. First to arrive were Ethan and Khairie but the others were not far behind.

All Terrain Vehicle Ride

Next task is for teams to ride an ATV on a marked course going to Cagsawa Ruins for their next clue.

RHAR who grew up with motorbikes was excited to drive. They were really pushing the ATV and even overtook Ethan and Khairie. Unfortunately, they ran into a problem with their bike and lost their lead to the Malaysian boys. Drats.

At this point, the plane to Legazpi finally arrived carrying Hussein and Natasha and Sahil and Manas.

Pukpok (to hammer) Palayok (clay pot)

Arriving at the Cagsawa Ruins, next task was for the teams to communicate properly. Pukpok palayok is the local version of hit the pignata. One member is blindfolded and will carry a stick and walk towards a hanging claypot to smash it. The other member must communicate directions using a tambourine.

First to arrive were Ethan and Khaire followed shortly by Ivan and Hilda. What’s funny was that Hilda spent a long time standing their doing nothing while Ivan was walking around blindfolded. Didn’t read the clue properly?

The Richards finally arrived shortly after Ethan broke his clay pot.

Next task is to go to the parking area for a detour.

Detour: Jig or Pig

In Jig, teams must don a traditional garb and learn the Ibalong dance which they have to perform in front of a judge. In pig, teams must capture two slippery pigs each inside a pig pen. Jig seems hard at first but you can easily impress the judge.

Ethan and Khairie chose to dance.

The Richards who caught up, initially went with jig but when they saw the moves, they quickly switched to pig. In hindsight, RHER thought it was their dumbest move of the leg.

Michelle and Claire chose to go with jig as well.

Ivan and Hilda were still having problems with their clay pot. This allowed Jess and Lani to catch up and finish before them. Both teams chose to do the jig task afterwards.

Sunaina and Dimple caught up and did the jig task too.

One of the Richards having trouble catching pigs

Ethan and Khairie were turned down on their first attempt. And so were Ivan and Hilda and Michelle and Claire. The Richards are having problems with their pigs as well.

Finally, Ethan and Khairie were the first to finish the Detour.

Intersection: Beach Cleanup

An intersection will force two teams to join forces to do a task. A team cannot proceed without having a second one to join them. In this intersection, the two teams must travel by jeepney to Misibis Bay and clean the beach off debris.

Ethan and Khairie wanted to team up with Michelle and Claire and they got their wish in a short while after the girls finished their task.

Ivan and Hilda got the moves wrong again and so did Jess and Lani.

The Richards were finally done with the pigs and waits at the intersection. In a short while, Sunaina and Dimple arrived after they finished dancing. Too bad, I was hoping for an All-Filipino team-up.

Anyway, Jess and Lani finally completed their task but they had to wait for Hilda and Ivan who didn’t seem to be finishing anytime soon.

The most hilarious part of this episode

Meanwhile, back at the last two teams, Sahil and Manas were the first to finish the ATV course. At the Pukpok Palayok task, Sahil was the one holding the stick but instead of walking towards the clay pot, he threw his stick at it. Hahaha. The locals were laughing.

Anyway, they finished the task first but Hussein and Natasha were not far behind. Sahil wanted to do pig but when Manas tried it, he decided that they do jig instead. The two teams managed to catch up with Ivan and Hilda who still couldn’t dance properly.

Jess and Lani had to wait a long time for the next team to fiinish to do the Intersection

Really bad for Jess and Lani. Hilda won’t focus on her dance steps and Ivan has two left feet. The girls had to wait a really long time for Ivan and Hilda. The intersection really screwed them up.

Finally, Ivan and Hilda were done to the delight of Jess and Lani.

Natasha who was a traditional dancer found the steps very easy. They were the only team to accomplish the task in one attempt. Too bad they still had to wait for Sahil and Manas to finish because of the intersection.

While waiting, Natasha thought they might catch up with the other teams because Sahil and Manas are young and looks fit.

Back at the beach cleanup, the first group had a big head start and they were able to finish cleaning right before the next group arrived.

Roadblock. Search the fish farm

Next task is a roadblock but teams must first travel by motorized boat to a nearby beach. Once there, a member must kayak his way to a fish farm and search for the correct clue among others hanging around the area.

The team of Richard and Richard and Sunaina and Dimple were able to finish the cleanup faster than the first group and they were off to the roadblock. The boys were impressed with how hard the girls worked at the cleanup.

Khairie quickly found a correct clue before Claire did and made his way back to the beach.

To the Pit Stop

Next task is to travel by jetski to Bahi Beach and from there, take a jeepney to the Misibis Bay amphitheater for their next pit stop. With this last task, there’s no more suspense because the order in which the teams finish the roadblock will also determine their pit stop placement.

The second group arrived with the Richards leading the way.

Claire had a hard time maneuvering her kayak and RHER was able to catch up quickly. Dimple was not far behind.

Claire found a correct clue first but RHER found one a minute later. RHER was able to catch up with Claire at the beach and the two teams were able to leave for the jetski at the same time.

For the third group, Jess did the roadblock and was able to beat Ivan into finding the correct clue and they were off to the pit stop.

Back at the cleanup for the last group, Hussein and Natasha were disappointed at the Indian boys. They thought they will be able to finish fast but the boys weren’t coordinated and didn’t seem to take things seriously.

When they reached the roadblock, Natasha was able to finish her task ahead of Sahil and from there you will know who went last.

Episode 5 Pit Stop: Misibis Bay, Philippines

  1. Ethan and Khairie (Beach holiday in the Philippines and USD3,500)
  2. Richard and Richard
  3. Claire and Michelle (a close third)
  4. Sunaina and Dimple
  5. Jess and Lani
  6. Ivan and Hilda
  7. Hussein and Natasha
  8. Sahil and Manas (eliminated)


I was pretty excited with TARA heading to the Philippines but this episode is pretty anticlimactic. That’s what happens when for the most part, the environment is controlled. There’s no way teams can get lost.

I liked how the judges were strict in the dancing task though. And kudos to the Richards for completing the pig task. That one really looked hard.

I’m not a fan of Intersections. It can really screw up teams. It looks good on paper if team will really wait for their preferred teams and screw up the other team but that doesn’t happen most of the time. If the Richards waited for Jess and Lani, which would seem ideal, they won’t be able to catch up with the first group.

I’m glad Sahil and Manas were finally eliminated although I find it really funny when Sahil threw his stick. I would like Ivan and Hilda to go next. I feel really bad for Ivan when Hilda doesn’t look like she wants to compete.

Tune in next week for the next leg which I heard is going to be somewhere down under where Jess and Lani should have an advantage especially using RHD vehicles. Go Team Philippines!

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