The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 4

Teams are in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the moment. Leading the pack are Sunaina and Dimple and bringing in the rear are Alan and Wendy who need to come in first or incur a 30-minute penalty.

Sahil and Manas will be having a challenge for this leg with almost no money left. They had to ask for money from the other teams and add a wristwatch just to pay their tuktuk driver from the last episode.

Let’s see how the teams do on this leg. Will they have problems again with the exorbitant fares the drivers in Colombo are asking? Read on to find out.

Long train ride for everyone

Teams must travel by taxi to Fort Station and from there, they must take a 3-hour train ride to Galle and then make their way to Galle Fort.

Sunaina and Dimple who were the first team head off at 5AM. 30 minutes later they were followed by Hussein and Natasha. Unfortunately for them, the first train leaves at 6:55AM so all teams were able to board the same train.

After 3 hours, the train arrived at Galle and the Richards were the first to get off and quickly got a tuktuk to Galle Fort where they were met by a Fast Forward.

Fast Forward

In this Fast Forward, teams must go to the Galle Bus Station and search for their next clue. The Richards went straight to the bus station to do the Fast Forward. RHAR admitted that he’s been looking for the Fast Forward ever since the race started.

Shortly after, Wendy and Alan arrived at Galle Fort. Thinking that the Richards were already onto the Fast Forward, they opted to do the normal task instead which is to go to the Galle Lighthouse for their next clue.

The other teams thought of the same thing and didn’t bother with the Fast Forward either.

Roadblock: Who Can Unlock the Past

In this task, a person must know the year when Sri Lanka became a sovereign state. Then they had to open lock on a wooden chest scattered pm the beach with the correct combination (1972).


A commonly used Amazing Race Fast Forward task, team must have their heads shaved at a nearby street barber. Good thing the guys took this. I don’t think Wendy would agree to this if they came in first. The Richards wasted no time and quickly had their heads shaved one at a time.

Back at the lighthouse, Alan and Wendy were the first to arrive and Wendy chose to do the task. She asked a local and got the correct answer and was done while the others were just starting. Good start. They need it because there is a 30-minute penalty waiting at the Pit Stop.

Pick up the Phone

Next task is for teams to head to a nearby Dialog Service Center. They must look for a ringing phone with the “Congratulations” message among hundreds of ringing phones in a bin.

Still at the lighthouse, Michelle, Lani, Ethan and Hussein got wrong intel and had to try different combinations. Sunaina was directed to the lighthouse where the answer could be found. Manas didn’t bother asking and just started going at the combination one at a time.

Michelle got the right combination and Ethan who was nearby asked her for it. Being in a good relationship with the Malaysian team, Michelle told Ethan the correct combination.

After having their heads shaved for the Fast Forward task, the Richards made their way by taxi to the next Pit Stop which is in Kalutara Kalido Beach.

Hilda got stuck with her combination because she didn’t know how to operate the lock. She asked for a local to teach her how to do it. Lucky for her, Manas was still tinkering with his lock. Both teams were the last to finish.

At the Dialog Center, Alan was able to get one of the correct phones before the others arrived. Nice.

Bus to Ambalangoda

Next task is for teams to travel by bus to Ambalangoda Train Station.

1st bus: Alan and Wendy.

2nd bus: Claire and Michelle and Jess and Lani who didn’t have any problem with their phone task.

3rd bus: Ethan and Khairie, Sunaina and Dimple and Natasha and Hussein. Ivan and Hilda saw the bus while on their way to the station and they stopped it in the middle of the road and were able to board. The other teams couldn’t believe it. Hahaha.

On the way to the pit stop, the Richards were asked to pull over by police officers. RHER wondered what law they broke. Anyway, after checking their visas they were sent on their way. Whew.

4th bus: Sahil and Manas

Bad Bus

Ok here’s where Alan and Wendy got shafted. The bus they took is the type that makes all stops while the other 3 buses are express. So what happened was their lead was squandered and they arrived last at Ambalangoda. Yikes!

Mask Hunting

Once at the train station, teams must look for a mask stall vendor with mask drawings. They must choose a drawing and look for the person wearing the same mask in a mask parade that is happening on a crowded street nearby.

For some reason, Jess and Lani and Claire and Michelle got off far from the mask stall vendor and had trouble finding it. This allowed the other teams from Bus 3 and 4 to start the task ahead of them… except for Hilda and Ivan who for some reason didn’t follow the other teams and got lost themselves.

Finally, the Richards arrived at the Pit Stop bald as a baby. Allan gave them some good news though to the tune of USD20,000 each. Good job guys!

Natasha and Hussein were the first to find the correct mask and receive their next clue.

When Alan and Wendy arrived at the train station, they were surprised that the other teams were already done with their tasks. Good thing Ivan and Hilda were still there to keep them company.

Detour: Coconut Course or Language Course

In Coconut Course, teams must climb a laddered coconut tree and complete the treetop course where they had to traverse on a hanging rope. In Language Course, teams must go to a nearby school and learn 10 Sinhalese words with the help of a student to get their next clue.

The coconut course may seem straight forward but teams can only do the course one at a time so if the team in front is taking too long, the teams who did the language course may finish first.

Here’s what the teams chose:

Coconut: Hussein and Natasha, Claire and Michelle, Jess and Lani, Sahil and Manas, Alan and Wendy

Language: Sunaina and Dimple, Ethan and Khairie, Ivan and Hilda

Sunaina and Dimple were the first to arrive at the school. Sunaina, having a photographic memory wasted no time learning the words. They quickly completed the task in one attempt and got their next clue. Cool! Next task is to travel by taxi to the Pit Stop.

Ethan and Khairie had a hard time and got some of the words wrong on their first attempt.

In the coconut course, Hussein was the first to go but he was having great difficulty crossing the rope while the other teams were waiting behind them. Eventually, he got tired and gave up to switch to the other task leaving Natasha disappointed.

Back at the school, Ivan was having problems memorizing and wanted to switch. Hilda adamantly told him no and started memorizing it herself. Hussein and Natasha were able to catch up with them.

Jess had no problem with the coconut course while Lani took her time on the rope while Michelle and Claire were cheering for her.

Wise Switch

Alan and Wendy who were still waiting for their turn at the coconut course decided to switch. It was a good decision because they were last in line so it won’t help their position at all after finishing the task. Sahil and Manas decided to stay.

Ivan and Hilda and Natasha and Hussein were able to complete the language course after three attempts.

Alan and Wendy arrived at the school and quickly realized that they can’t memorize the words. Wendy blamed Alan who got mad and they started fighting. Eventually, they headed back to the course where Sahil and Manas had just started with their turn.

After Sahil and Manas completed the course, they had to ask the bystanders for money so they could ride a taxi. This brought Alan and Wendy hope. Sahil and Manas managed to get enough money to ride a tuktuk instead.

Their tuktuk broke down in the middle of the road and they had to switch even when they had no money to pay their driver. However, they still managed to get to the Pit Stop first before Alan and Wendy did.

Episode 3 Pit Stop – Independence Square

  1. Richard and Richard (USD2,000 each)
  2. Sunaina and Dimple
  3. Ethan and Khairie
  4. Jess and Lani
  5. Hussein and Natasha
  6. Ivan and Hilda
  7. Claire and Michelle
  8. Sahil and Manas
  9. Alan and Wendy (eliminated)


First of all, I’m happy that Team Philippines were able to get the 1st and 4th place even with the help of a Fast Forward. Good job guys especially Jess and Lani.

Ok, Alan and Wendy really got unlucky with the bus that they rode. If only they knew that there’s also an express bus then they may not have been eliminated. Still, they should have tried harder on the language course to stand a chance, even a slim one due to their 30-minute penalty.

I thought TARA is a stickler for rules when it comes to their tasks. The last task clearly stated to ride a taxi to the Pit Stop yet Sahil and Manas rode a tuktuk instead. Shouldn’t they be penalized for not following the rules?

I was amazed with Sunaina’s photographic memory. She mentioned it in the Racers Revealed episode and it was cool seeing it in action.

Overall, it was a pretty easy leg with unoriginal tasks. I believe next leg will be their visit to the Philippines. Woohoo. Go Team Philippines!

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    I felt really sorry for Alan and Wendy with their bad bus, since they started off the leg really well. To find out that you went from first to last in one bus ride is extremely demotivating.

    So, TARA hasn’t enforced the rule that you’re not allowed to give personal items to pay for stuff, like the original TAR. I was surprised when the Indian boys offered their watch to pay for the taxi.

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