EKstreme Tower Ride dropped us from 150 ft. in 2 seconds

I’m a sucker for unconventional thrill rides. When I heard that Enchanted Kingdom has a new ride that will allow you to freefall from 150 feet, I asked Tia to join me and try it out.

EKstreme Tower Ride

Yesterday was the inauguration of the EKstreme Tower Ride and Enchanted Kingdom invited us to join them and be among the first group of people to experience it. Nice weather out there in Laguna by the way.

In the EKstreme Tower Ride, you will ride on a harnessed seat that will rise up to 150 feet above ground. This slow ascent will take about 45 seconds but the sudden free-fall drop will last for only about 2 seconds which will literally take your breath away.

EKstreme Tower Ride

I already rode a similar ride called Abyss Turbo Drop (200 ft) about 10 years ago in Ocean Park, Hong Kong and it was a really exhilarating experience. The EKstreme Tower Ride is shorter but faster and you will still get that awesome feeling afterwards.

When the ride was near the top, I was anticipating for that mechanical release sound that will signal our plummet but I didn’t hear it. Tia asked me if the drop was coming but before she finished, we were already shouting our lungs out as the drop happened. It was really fun and I wanted to do it again but they had to stop the ride to make way for the program.

EKstreme Tower Ride

The EKstreme Tower Ride is located in Midway where the Condor ride was located before. It’s not part of their free rides and you have to pay Php100 to experience it. I guess it’s good in a way to prevent long lines like their Rio Grande and Jungle Log Jam.

Members of the media were there and you might see us… or Tia in Rated K. Hehehe. We also tried the Rialto with the Happy Feet show which is kinda lame for grown-ups.

EKstreme Tower Ride

Here’s a shot of the EKstreme Tower Ride at night. It’s already open so be sure to try it out if you ever find yourself in Enchanted Kingdom.

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34 Responses

  1. eunice says:

    i saw you on tv sir. ahaha.:)

  2. percy says:

    I’m sorry for this post. I know everyone’s gonna hate me for this, but don’t get me wrong, I’m a big EK fan. I think this is a cool ride, i really do, and i want to try it. But this goes below my expectations. I thought that it would go up and down, pero isang drop lang pala. sayang.

    • Calvin says:

      hehe yeah it would be cool if it would go up and down multiple times. but other people might not want it. :P besides, similar rides in other countries one drop lang rin. sana free ride na lang sya.

  3. Amyline says:

    Hi! I am working for Manila Bulletin. Is it okay if we use your photos of the Extreme Tower Ride of Enchanted Kingdom? Please let me know. Thanks.

  4. wowsky says:

    Abyss is better kasi 3 drops at 200ft. xure ka po ba sa 200ft? parang ang baba naman po yata… i tried it more than 3 times a day… but this EKstreme tower ride is fun too..

  5. wowsky says:

    di naman sulit ung 100 pesos sa isang drop

  6. bryllefajardo says:

    Abyss 3 drops tpos 203 feet e2 150 feet

  7. kristy says:

    sulit ba??
    bka hinde naman??

  8. kristy says:

    were planning na pumuntang EK for that ekstreme tower ride pero we did not expect na may another fee for that ride…
    so parang hindi sya kasama sa budget namin ng mga friends ko.. cause we only have the exact money for the entrance and the foods…
    kalungkot naman kung ganon sayang..

  9. keith william mcmeekin says:

    kagagaling lang namin dyan sa enchanted and it was an amzing experience when we ride that extreme tower! kakaibang experience to the extreme talaga!! parang naiwan talaga lahat ng laman loob pati kaluluwa ko sa taas!!

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