The Amazing Race Asia 4 Episode 1

After more than a year’s hiatus, it’s Amazing Race Asia season once again. I can’t wait for September 23 so I viewed the full first episode online. Here’s a recap of what happened in Episode 1 so don’t scroll down unless you really want to.


TARA 4 starts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where the 10 teams will begin their journey to win USD100,000. As soon as Allan shouted “GO”, the teams raced towards their bags for their first clue.

Drive to Batu Caves

Being the Malaysians this season, Ethan and Khairie and Ivan and Hilda have the advantage in this leg. However, Ethan and Khairie kinda got lost looking for their car so they were one of the last to pull out. It’s a good thing in a way since nobody could just follow them.

Wendy and Alan hailed a taxi to lead them to the caves. Sahil and Manas went  the opposite direction. And the worst of luck went to Yani and Nadine who had engine trouble with their car and had to stop and wait for a mechanic.

Roadblock: Fruit Offering

Teams encountered a road block at Batu Caves. A member must carry a platter of fruits and climb up the temple while counting the number of steps (272). To make things more exciting, there are monkeys on the steps who will try to grab some fruits.

Despite being the last team to leave the starting area, Ethan and Khairie were the first to arrive at the caves followed shortly by Wendy and Alan. They are followed by the two Richards, Ivan and Hilda and Hussein and Natasha.

Ethan did the roadblock and got it right on his first try. The other teams didn’t and had to do the task again.

Go to TAR Season 16 Episode 8 Pit Stop

The next task is to drive to where the The Amazing Race Season 16 Episide 8 Pit Stop was. Ethan and Khairie headed out to look for an internet cafe. The answer is the Pinang Peranakan Mansion at George Town which is a 4-hour drive from their current location.

Meanwhile, Claire and Michelle just arrived at the caves followed by the two teams from India.

Jess and Lani were still on the road and asked a guy to get into the car and point them to the caves. Nadine and Yani are still waiting for the mechanic.

Michelle also got it right on the first time to go to 2nd place. Richard (RHER) finally got the right answer, and so does Natasha and Masas on their next tries. Alan and Dimple too.

Hilda was having a hard time with her answer but finally got it after so many tries. She went down the steps crying as she twisted her ankle. Ivan carried her back to the car.

Finally, the remaining girl teams got to the caves. Fortunately for them, both Jess and Nadine got the answer right on their first tries. Jess and Lani got to use the internet on the business center while Yani and Nadine had to wait for their turn.

Jess and Lani forgot that they had a guide with them who needs to go back. They offered him money to get back but the guy seems pissed. Hahaha. Beware when getting into a car with beautiful strangers.

Find Baldwin at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Ethan and Khairie still had a nice lead going to George Town. When they got to the mansion, they need to find Baldwin and sing to their next clue. Baldwin is a piano and the lyric sheets to Amazing Grace football version will get them their next clue. They found it and got the clue even before the other teams arrived.

Manas and Sahil got lost following the other teams when they made a wrong turn. Ivan doesn’t want to drive fast so Nadine and Yani and Jess and Lani got past them.

Playing Futsal

After the mansion, teams must drive to the nearby Futsal field. Each member must take turns guarding the goal against kids doing penalty kicks. For each unsaved goal, they will incur a 2-minute penalty.

Back at the mansion, the Richards led the pack at 2nd place and quickly found the piano with Sunaina and Dimple just behind them. The rest of the teams followed. Manas and Sahil and Ivan and Hilda were the last to arrive.

Both Ethan and Khairie incurred a 6-minute penalty but they were able to get the clue without the other teams in sight. Still enjoying a good lead.

Next task is to drive to Swettenham Pier in Penang for the next clue.

Sunaina and Dimple arrived at the futsal field before the two Richards. They inccured an 8-minute penalty but finished it just as the Richards arrived and finished with only a 2-minute penalty.

Detour: Flags or Rags

At Swettenham Pier, teams must climb aboard a Star Cruise Ship and choose between Flags or Rags. In Flags, teams must collect 5 nautical flags scattered onboard the liner and follow a clue written in ship lingo. In Rags, one member must clean cabin windows from outside the ship while the other member looks from the inside for the window his partner is cleaning and then take a photo.

Ethan and Khairie chose to do Rags.

Back at playing Futsal, the three bad Futsal teams were Ivan and Hilda (12 mins), Manas and Sahil (16 minutes) and Yani and Nadine (16 minutes). The last to arrive and leave the Futsal field were Yani and Nadine followed by Jess and Lani.

Ethan and Khairie finished their Detour task well ahead of the others and proceeded to the Pit Stop which is on the Deck 12 of the same ship. Home court advantage indeed!

Bad moves

Father and daughter team made a major mistake when they boarded their car on a ferry instead of just parking at the pier. That cost them a lot of time while the other groups were doing the Flags or Rags task. Everybody chose Rags by the way.

While Hussein and Natasha are stuck in the ferry, Yani and Nadine are having problems of their own. Nadine can’t seem to find Yani from the inside while the others are already finishing up. Finally, she realized that she was looking at the wrong side of the ship. Doh!

I thought Hussein and Natasha were going to be dead last but they managed to catch up while Nadine was still searching for Yani and even overtook them.

At the pit stop, Hussein and Natasha were telling Allan their mistake with the ferry as Yani and Nadine came in last behind them. Yani was clearly frustrated for being last on the first leg and you can see in her eyes how much she wants to blame Nadine.

Fortunately, Allan told them that it is one of the pre-determined non-elimination legs of the race. Wow. They had to be first on the next leg or else they will concur a 30-minute penalty.

Episode 1 Pit Stop – Star Pisces Cruise Ship Deck 12

1. Ethan and Khairie – PS3 and 46” Sony Bravia each

2. Richard and Richard (Philippines)

3. Michelle and Claire (Singapore)

4. Sunaina and Dimple (India)

5. Wendy and Alan (Hong Kong)

6. Ivan and Hilda (Malaysia)

7. Manas and Sahil (India)

8. Jess and Lani (Philippines)

9. Hussein and Natasha (Indonesia)

10. Yani and Nadine (Indonesia) – Not eliminated. Must be first next leg or 30-minute penalty.


It was a very easy leg in my opinion. Counting 272 steps is no big deal compared to other counting tasks from previous seasons. Ethan and Khairie had a very good lead not just because they know their way but it’s more because Ethan got the right number of steps on his first try.

I’m impressed with the guys from Team Philippines. They are really competitive and had better chemistry as I expected. I don’t know if will be the same when they are trailing. Girls Team Philippines? Not good. They’re bad with directions and doesn’t seem to have a sense of urgency.

Manas and Sahil seems weak but entertaining. Ivan needs to step up his driving speed but they still seem to be a formidable team.

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  1. Nazri says:

    I love this episode!

  2. Robbie says:

    What I don’t like about ARA is they usually get the famous people from each country. I’d rather see regular people battle it out.

    That said, I’m much more excited for The Amazing Race because of KevJumba and his dad. Hehehe.

  3. lor says:

    it was a pretty bad first race because every challenge seemed easy especially when compared to the US version :(

  4. donna says:

    go richard and richard….jess and lani of team philippines :)

  5. kevin says:

    i live in Canada. did anybody record S04E01? Could you upload a torrent. thank you.

  6. Mike says:

    Yes I have been looking out for brint who uploaded Seasons 2 and 3 but no luck so far. Please anyone shout if you see it uploaded somewhere.

  7. Jan says:

    Me too, I want to watch from Australia, go Jess & Lani!

  8. Sarah Munro says:

    Found it on thepriatebay dot org

  9. gerli says:

    i had just watch it online episodes 1 and 2

    streaming or download links

    watch episodes 1 and 2 full episode online —

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