Target shooting at ARMSCOR in Makati Cinema Square

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17 Responses

  1. reyna says:

    wow…. nice way to de-stress nga! tagal ko na gusto mag target shooting…

    Thanks for the info Calvin!

  2. Wow. May ganyan pala sa Makati Cinema Square? Hahahaha.

    I tried that once during HS and na-traumatize ako. I will never hold a gun ever.

  3. crickette says:

    i don’t know if you will believe me (but you should), but i used to compete when i was younger (back when my eyes were still very good). my dad, being in the military, and once president of PAF Gun Club, kinda forced a gun into my hand (just kidding). Well, he had me learn his aide and then after one whole summer, I loved it.

    I competed for awhile, won once (with trophy ha) but it was an all-women competition. i haven’t held a gun since i left for london, which was 3rd yr high school, but i think i wanna try again. maybe just to see how bad i am now???

    • Calvin says:

      hehe yeah right. and i’m the queen of london. :P

      just kidding. of course being in a military family and living in a military base it’s not hard to imagine you firing some guns. sana tinuloy mo when you get back. baka kasali ka pa sa philippine team.

      • crickette says:

        that was my dad’s plan before, cus we had this brother and sister in the gun club who competes internationally. my sister (6 years my junior) learned how to fire guns with me… she’s better (everyone says so) cus i was older and she was almost competing with me. hehehe! well, she’s boyish too, so she has weird advantage.

        when i remember it, i regret na we didn’t continue it. we left for london abruptly and didn’t get back until after 3yrs so a lot changed… feel ko if we didn’t leave, baka i could be hired as a snipper na! bwahahahahaha!

      • Calvin says:

        so try mo ulit. malay mo you still got the skillz.

  4. Jonathan says:

    panu pu b mag pa member

  5. James Balingit says:

    GOt back for the US of A. My first time was last saturday…damn its so expensive… better rob a bank before you go target shooting…

  6. trigger says:

    pwde po ba mag member sa gun club khit wla kng sariling baril…just want to rent lng po cgro sa ranges…thanks… :D

  7. henrdrix says:

    I’m filipino gun owner, can i use my own gun .45 cal armscor for firing and how much the cost. i’m not a member of armscor.

  8. Mar says:

    hey hendrix you can bring your own pistol at no charge, just make sure you have all the necessary papers when traveling from your residence to the range

  9. bna says:

    may age requirement po ba kapag ittry tong activity na to?

  10. GEAR says:

    ask ko lang po sir kong pwede ba magpa member nang gun club na kahit walang gun licenced….saka sir pag maging member na madali narin bang maka bili nang baril sa gunstore.pls.rply

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