Download and install applications on a fresh PC easily

Recently, I had to reformat my PC. I always partition my hard drive to separate system files with my data files. Unfortunately, for some reason, I mistakenly formatted and installed my OS on the data partition.

Anyway, most of my usual installers are on that deleted partition so I was looking for a way to easily download and install my usual free apps. Image viewer, browsers, adobe reader, flash player, video codecs, iTunes, etc.


This is where FreeApps comes in. FreeApps is a site that allows you to create a downloader + installer for a lot of free applications out there. You can choose which apps it will bundle in the installer it will make for you from browsers, to antivirus and even developer tools. Once you download the installer app it will create for you, sit back while it downloads and install your selected applications.

Pretty nifty tool for laptop reviewers who need to install the usual necessary apps on a new system.

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3 Responses

  1. dokwayne says:

    I like this. I also reformat myself PCs and laptops… Thanks!

  2. roy says:

    Hi Calvin, I become a fan of your blog/site. Very informative kasi. I’ve already ask some questions to you before mostly about travel. This time, would like to ask kng may idea ka kung san ako pwede mag download ng free collage pictures. Sensya na at off topic sa above topic. Thanks in advance.