Free Skittles Candy Sample is one brilliant scam

I got this link from a friend in Facebook where a site called is offering a FREE sample bag of Skittles worldwide. All you need to do is give your e-mail and refer the site to friends. Sounds easy right? And who doesn’t want a free bag of Skittles?


Now the big question… Is this for real? No it’s not!

It’s a scam. Well sort of because it doesn’t steal anything from you except for your time and aspirations in getting a free bag of Skittles. Despite being a fake, it’s quite brilliant and the owner of the site must be getting a lot of earnings from CPALead (pay-to-answer-survey site).

So how does it work and what makes it a brilliant scam? Let’s snoop around.

First thing you need to do is enter your e-mail and get your PIN Code. Sounds legit right? Too bad the site doesn’t verify if the e-mail is really yours. No verification or activation e-mail. Scam!

After getting your PIN code, you are asked to refer the site to 20 friends before you will get to the final page. Probably where you will input your mailing address.


There’s even a Facebook button! Wowow… site must be real then. But first, check the spelling of referrals. Scam!

Here you are thinking, 20 friends is easy. But by the time you reach 20, you will be directed to a page where you need to answer a survey to continue. What the?! Of course, you will do a simple survey after all the time you invested into it but eventually, you will also find out that you’ve been duped.

Brilliant plan actually to abuse the earnings one can get from CPALead. The site is being spread around before hooking readers into answering surveys. Nice!


Remember TNSTAFL. There’s no such thing as free lunch so stop spreading this crap around.

Before you decide to invest a lot of time in these kind of pages, try to look for the fine print. In this case, there’s none. Do you think a sweet-toothed hermit with WiFi connection living in Tristan da Cunha can get himself a free bag of Skittles here. I don’t think so.

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2 Responses

  1. fuck! who ever did that i will sue him/her

  2. Joy says:

    Actually I receive plenty of free things from candy to toys to gift cards. You just gotta know where and how to spot a scam.

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