Common home appliances and their power consumption

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8 Responses

  1. Thank you so much. But I’m also curious with the little appliances at home such as electric stove, rice cooker, air pot or water heaters and water dispenser. Most of these are commonly used at homes.

  2. KL Fernando says:

    These are very helpful tips you have here! Vey much appreciated!
    Thank you!

  3. Howard Asness says:

    Does anyone know how much electric do small charging units (IE for a blue tooth headset) use when they are plugged in but not attached to the unit they were designed to charge

  4. ella says:

    How much electricity do i consume using a hair straightening flat iron with 33W for about 14 hours. I forgot to unplug it last night. So unfortunate…:( But good thing, it doesn’t happen to be the source of fire. Please reply.

  5. ayo says:

    This is really helpful.
    Thank you

  6. sam says:

    can some one help me in explaining how much power do a small electric rice cooker consume and a hair straightner consume .

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