miCoach Pacer Review Part 7: Conclusion

After using the miCoach Pacer for a few weeks trying out different workouts save for an actual training plan (requires a couple of months at least to finish), it’s time to return it and give my final thoughts on this new fitness device from adidas.

The miCoach Pacer itself and all its components look and feels pretty solid. It’s pretty easy to use and you can use it with or without your mp3 player which is a plus over other fitness gadgets.

miCoach heart rate sensor

One thing really great about the miCoach Pacer is its heart rate monitor which when coupled with the miCoach workouts will give you the sense of having a real personal running coach.

If you’re…

  • A runner that wants to train properly but don’t have the benefit of joining a running club or having a running coach, then miCoach will be a big help to you especially if you can maintain the running schedule provided in the training plan. The heart rate monitor is an essential device in training for long distance running.


  • A casual runner who only runs for fun with friends then miCoach can be a bit pricey for your needs. Not only that, miCoach doesn’t offer much into the social network aspect of running. You can’t challenge friends who are also using miCoach nor see their running progress easily. Something that Nike is good at.

What’s nice about the miCoach Pacer is…

  • miCoach web is pretty extensive
  • Training plans for different workout goals
  • The heart rate monitor component
  • Lace lock on the stride sensor (no need for special shoes)
  • Use of rechargeable batteries
  • MP3 player is optional and you can use any MP3 player with it
  • According to adidas, they can replace the small parts free of charge like the stride sensor,stride sensor clip,USB cable, etc. if they get lost or broken. Heart rate monitor is not included for replacement.

miCoach needs improvement on…

  • Social networking and running for fun aspect
  • Option to include milestones for audible coaching (every km ran, every 10 minute reached, etc.)
  • More customization capability for the custom workouts like a combination of pace and distance-based workout
  • Low battery indicator for the stride sensor and heart rate monitor
  • Price point. P6,995 ($139.99) Serious runners would get a Garmin at that price.

There you have it, the miCoach Pacer. It’s a really good product that only you can decide whether it’s worth the price you are paying for (e.g. how badly do you need to monitor your heart rate during training). If you find the Nike+ to simple and lacking then by all means go for the miCoach Pacer.

Continuous improvement on the miCoach web will ensure that miCoach Pacer users will get their money’s worth in the long run.

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44 Responses

  1. Francis says:

    After corresponding with the miCoach support about my problem, they sent the following instructions:

    1. checking if my system meets the minimum requirements
    2. performing a hard reset / downgrade on my pacer
    3. they sent an .ini file that gathers log files from my pacer in case of failed synchronization and sending the log files to them
    4. sending an .exe file that reformats the pacer and attempting to resynchronize

    after all attempts failed, they sent me a message that they will be replacing my unit and that I must send the defective unit to a specified address.

    can’t wait to have my new pacer unit.

  2. Gabriela says:

    did you saw the changes??? the web is incredible!!

  3. wrieken says:

    I like the device, but will be dropping it for a garmin because I want to use software offline and garmin does that. Otherwise, the adidas was a nice device.


  4. Heather says:

    Hi all- before I buy this, I am a speed walker. Do you think this unit could be customized for my needs?

    Any advise would be great- thanks!

    • Calvin says:

      hi i don’t know what customization you need but the micoach can also be calibrated if it’s not giving you the correct distance because of your faster than average pace/stride.

  5. Ann says:

    My pacer is dead completely after only 2 months of use. It won’t recharge anymore. They sent me the resetting instructions, but that does not work since the battery is dead and the instructions rely on the battery being alive to work…. I’m still waiting for them to respond about what to do next. It’s pretty bad if they don’t replace the Pacer for free. I’ll let you know what happens.

    • Calvin says:

      faulty battery maybe? they should replace that for free. better bring it back to the store if you bought it offline.

    • esti says:

      Have you tried leaving the pacer connected to the USB port for long period of time (like half a day). I also got this one time, the pacer hanged when I quickly switch on/off the unit (seems it got confused at the speed I did the switching). Then had to reset the unit using a needle. On reset the pacer wasn’t opening no matter how I tried — even when connected to the PC. I left the pacer attached to the USB port for some time and then the pacer went back to life by itself.

  6. esti says:

    Hi Ann,

    You may try opening a ticket online at the micoach website itself. The guys handling their email support answer fast (give take 1 day).

    I was able to have my pacer replaced after it started to open up that I had to put tape to secure it. They asked me for some pictures and other questions before instructing me to proceed to the store where I bought the pacer to have it replaced.


    • Ann says:

      Thanks esti. I’m still waiting from Adidas. They have so far told me to retry resetting over and over again… Maybe if I let if fall from a high rise building???? Or throw it as far as Adidas’ headquarters???? Don’t know if that will work esti.

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