Blog traffic and how they translate to AdSense earnings

If you’re trying to monetize your blog via Google AdSense, how much traffic do you think you need before you really start earning even for just a dollar a day? 500 page hits a day? 3000? 15,000? googleadsenseWhat I mean by “page hit” is the accumulated number of visits all of your pages receive per day. If a reader visits two pages on a single session, that’s 2 hits.

I’m going to lay this one out right now, traffic without clicking ads doesn’t really translate to dollars (cents maybe). Let’s take for example the number of impression my side ad made on a day and its equivalent earning:

AdSense from regular traffic

According to my AdSense reports, my side ad appeared 2,506 times with 2 visitors clicking and this translated to 20 cents! Hahaha.

Don’t fret though, that’s only one ad. What if you have 3 ads per page right? It would make your blog rather unappealing but at least there’s more chance that people will click them…. or not. That’s one sickness of personal blogs or blogs with mixed content, Google can’t give you quality ads because you keep on changing your topic.

What you need to do is improve the quality of your visitors. What good is having hundreds of friends/fans daily if they’re not likely to click on your ads? They’re good for your blog health or community but it won’t translate to better AdSense income.

AdSense from search engine traffic

Now compare this to ads appearing to visitors coming from search engines. They’re the ones looking for information on your blog and are more likely to click on ads displayed. You should focus more on developing this if you really want to earn from AdSense.

It’s better to strike a balance between posts that would interest your daily readers and posts that would benefit people coming in straight from Google. You maintain your average traffic but you also attract search engine traffic to make your AdSense program work.


A healthy, earning blog gets a lot of traffic from search engines (in blue).

In conclusion, your AdSense earning is not really dependent on the amount of traffic but more is always better. I was able to achieve 7,000 page hits before but only got a dollar from AdSense that time. What’s important is the quality of traffic reaching your site due to the quality of posts you have.

Once you have a healthy amount of quality traffic, the next best thing to do is optimize your ad placement for better cost-per-click but that’s for another post.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on AdSense. In fact, I’m not earning a lot from it. I’m just showing how an average, non-ad-centric personal blog would perform on Google AdSense so beginners can look at some real-world values.

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  1. bianx says:

    nice info..learned alot =)

  2. Marvin M. says:

    That’s a lot of good traffic you have there, I’m still in experiement of keeping up to top adsense earners.

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