Winterhouse in Cartimar for your cheap winter gear

If you’re planning for a trip where it’s really cold (like below 0 degrees cold) you know you have to get hold of winter clothes. Bonnets, parkas, fleece jackets, thermal underwear and stuff like that.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of store here in Metro Manila that carries those things. In malls there’s Columbia Sportswear, North Face and maybe Marks & Spencer but their clothes aren’t exactly what you call affordable.


There’s a little known shop called Winterhouse in Cartimar, Pasay City that sells unbranded but affordable and still nicely-made winter clothes. These are not surplus materials, they tailor their products themselves.


To give you an idea on their prices, bonnets and scarves costs around P250 to P350. Gloves is around P500 and thermal underwear goes for P800 to P850 a set. These are winter clothes mind you. Marks & Spencer sells thermal pants for P1250 and thermal shirt for P1000++.

If you’re in a tight budget for your winter gear, do check out Winterhouse. Here’s a map to the place.

Map to Winterhouse

18 A & B Cartimar Shopper’s Arcade
Cartimar, Pasay City
Tel. No. 831-2277
Email: [email protected]

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    Do they accept credit cards as payment? :)

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