FedEx and the insane Philippines Customs Taxes

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  1. George Morales says:

    Buying online is not really recommended if the item that you are purchasing is available in mall or other stores in your area. The Philippine customs are really a ripped off. I bought a multi purpose radio/flash light/charger on since the picture and description was so nice. Cost 50 dollars. The total bill was about a 100 dollars including freight and duties. Not a problem . . . but the gadget was made of so so material not worth a hundred dollars. 3 weeks later, I saw the same gadget in a mall selling for about 19 dollars (P826.00) only. Lesson for the day . . . . don’t buy immediately. Canvass first . . . . sometimes there are online stores that can shipped you a product so cheap even if you include freight and duties.

  2. Boggart says:

    Only buy from online stores if the product you want is not really available in your area. Do your research first. Google the product you want to buy. Compute the duties due. These online stores sometimes charge you more than the correct amount. This is if you prefer them to pay for your custom duties. Ask friends about their experiences. Sometimes it is better to buy from smugglers than this legimate online stores.

    • Jay Ocampo says:

      ” Sometimes it is better to buy from smugglers than this legimate online stores.” —> This one, I won’t recommend. It is better to pay the right amount of tax than to patronize smugglers.

  3. Johan Tessens says:

    It can get worse… I ordered a DMX controller $19 + $6 shipping and insurance (all paid). FedEx came with the goods and a bill of PHP1,789.83 = $42. Import tax is 5%… sales tax is unclear to me… but this all comes to 150% of the value… told FedEx to put the bill where the sun doesn’t shine

  4. Len Geronimo says:

    I agree.Our customs tax is totally absurd.I never ordered online before or have any item delivered to me from abroad.But my overzealous fiance decided to surprise me with an engagement ring. My excitement was totally gone the moment I got a call from Fedex saying I had to pay P16,000 for that tiny package! Well so much for surprises.Now i know why Filipinos would rather resort to bribery…

  5. guen says:

    I won a prize from a contest last May and until now, wala pa ring dumadating. Tapos my friend and I are planning to do a group order for a calendar set that is $17/ set. It’s from South Korea. We’re worried kasi we don’t know if it will go through customs or will be delivered to her house via DHL or FedEx or whatever TT___TT It’s a big help sa mga gustong mag-avail ng calendar kasi kami na ang mamromroblema for them pero kung hanggang sa mga babayaran ay kami pa rin ang magaasikaso, di na pwede ‘yun. Should we go with the group order or not? Thanks ~

  6. John says:

    Fcking customs!! Mga kurakot!!

  7. Gloria Arel says:

    My sister and I are on the same boat; the FedEx package I sent her was assessed the following taxes: Customs Duty Php 8,688.00
    VAT. 13,710
    IPF. 250
    Excise tax. 17,470.00
    Grand Total. 40,118.00
    Based on my internet research excise tax is charged on products produced in the country. This product I sent my sister in made in the USA. So I am a suspicious about this excise tax. So I am asking you guys, is this legit? the cost of the package a set of jewelry is php78,000 the taxed come up to over 50% of the price of the merchandise. This is totally ridiculous! No wonder bribery, corruption and just totally lying about packages is so rampant. Philippine government wake up! Let us fix our tax system to where people will be more proactive in declaring the correct amount and package content. Everybody wins, rather than tax the honest ones to the max and continue to let the dishonest ones get away. Which knowing what we know now makes me think, ” cannot really blame them if they lie”. And then what really sucks, is that so much taxes just gets corrupted and ends up in politicians pockets. Haysst! Kainis! What if we band together and do something until they fix the system?

  8. jackjones says:

    This is complete insane, same to what happened to my order from hongkong, the item cost me 8,000.00. Then I completely assume that there will be no more charge after that. But when the item arrived at my doorstep. The DHL guys ask me to pay 1,650.00 for custom fees. wtf!!!

  9. Paulg says:

    The gov’t wouldn’t listen to people they only listen to the voice in their pockets. Its everybody’s fault, dont vote for corrupt officials. People just dont learn. Dont put convicts in office.

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