Composite or Component cable? Which is better?

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5 Responses

  1. Rygel says:

    of course, you’re right about having the TV set to display the better quality. Can’t really say i’ve noticed the difference between the quality of composite and component cables… even if there’s the progressive scan thing

    calvin: maybe it also depends on the video you’re viewing? I did notice some improvement on our side though. :)

  2. annabelts says:

    Nice useful entry calv :)
    We’ve just tried using DVI to HDMI cable to output video from baby mac to our TV, ganda din! Bumili ka ng ng LCD tv! Mura nalang ngayon.

    calvin: hayy. gusto ko talaga ng LCD HDTV. kasi ipon muna ulit.

  3. Stu Denenberg says:

    Nice, simple description of the differences.
    Is there a difference in picture quality between HDMI and Component?

  4. Swilliams says:

    Straight to the point, simple and clear.

    Thank you!!

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