List of places to get your FroYo fix

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  1. but we did eat vanilla flavor… parang that didn’t count as froyo right? haha

  2. iza says:

    white hat has one in atc near the coffee bean and tea leaf cafe

    i’ve had white hat yoghurt and yoh-gurt froz…
    Comparing them two…
    I am in love with yoh-gurt froz so much and i always get one when i am in alabang town center…
    White hat’s version is too sour and Yoh-gurt Froz is just right.
    Best yoghurt i have tasted yet Yoh-gurt Froz…
    Will try others soon…

    Thanks for posting this! I was trying to find out the name of the yoghurt store I buy yoghurt from every time I’m in atc… i’m pretty bad at remembering names… So it’s Yoh-gurt Froz… Thanks!

  3. Lou Arvin says:

    There’s now a Frutti Froyo at Trinoma, near the PowerMac store and Vibrams FiveFingers Store on… the top floor? i think that’s four floor.

    also, there’s a frozen yogurt store called Golden Spoon in Trinoma, near the theatres, along where Krispy Kreme and Cold Rock are.

  4. Anne Marcos says:

    for me, Green Mango is the best… delicious yet affordable… I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT!!!!!!!!

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