Asus EeePC 1005HA or 1000HE?

For a few months, the Asus EeePC 1000HE has been Amazon’s best-selling netbook. Not anymore as it has been replaced by it’s newer sibling, the 1005HA.

At only $390, it’s a nicely priced netbook which is only $15 more expensive than the 1000HE. Both have exactly the same specs inside: Atom N280, 160GB HD, 1GB RAM, 10.1” display and even the ports are the same.

So what’s the difference between the 1005HA and 1000HE?

Here are some of the things that you would get from that extra $15 of yours if you choose to buy the 1005HA over the 1000HE.

Form-factor and design

The 1005HA which comes from their Seashell line has a slimmer and sleeker form than the 1000HE. It weighs 1.45kg (with the 6-cell battery) which is less than 1000HE’s 1.47kg.


To achieve the slimmer form, the display now sort of slides behind the body when you open it (similar to the MSI Wind). The 1000HE on the other hand, has a cylindrical hinge between the body and the display making it look more bulkier.

The design of the 1005HA is primarily the major improvement and Asus did a really good job with it.


Both netbooks sport the same 10.1” LED-backlit display capable of 1024×600 resolution. The difference now is that the 1005HA’s screen is now glossy like that of Macbooks while the 1000HE is of matte.

Although glossy screens look really nice and all, it will give you more glare at certain viewing angles than that of a matte screen.

Just a word of caution about glossy screens, Apple fans are clamoring for a matte or an anti-glare display for their Macbooks.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The 1005HA dropped the chiclet or island-style keyboard from the 1000HE. Boo in my opinion. But they made some improvements with the size especially on the right Shift key. It is now full-sized as oppose of the tiny one from the 1000HE.

In effect, they lost the right Fn key! This is a big deal for me because I use that right Fn key from the 1000HE a lot for one-handed Page Up and Page Down (which you will be often doing when using a netbook).

They made the touchpad smaller but cooler in my opinion. It now blends with the palm rest and is covered with braille-like dots for texture. The touch-keys are also located inside the palm rest instead at the edge of the device like the 1000HE.

The 1005HA can still use multi-touch gestures like the 1000HE but I would still like a dedicated scroll area instead (like that of Lenovo and MSI).


This is one of the other major improvement of the 1005HA from the 1000HE. Asus claims that the 1005HA can go for up to 10.5 hours straight which is 1-hour more than their claim on the 1000HE.

The 6-cell Li-ion battery of the 1005HA is rated at 63Wh whereas the 1000HE is only at 62Wh. It’s still not Li-ion polymer (for faster charging) though as I hoped for.

Note: The battery for 1005HA is not as great as it seems

Should you upgrade? Should you buy?

If you’re like me who already own the 1000HE, there’s no reason to upgrade to the 1005HA. The improvements are not that of a big deal to go on with upgrading. You might want to wait for the 1000HV (or a better version of it) which comes with dedicated video card.

But if you can sell your 1000HE at a very good price then I can’t blame you for upgrading.

If you don’t own a netbook yet but planning to get one, then the 1005HA is a recommended buy. It didn’t make it to #1 in Amazon’s bestselling netbook for nothing. Just buy an anti-glare film if you find too much glare from the display.

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17 Responses

  1. Pastilan says:

    Nice that you have posted something like this. I didn’t know that 1000HE and 1005HA are almost identical.

    My wife is really enjoying her 1000HE :) she thinks it’s really cool.

    calvin: yah! maganda naman talaga yung 1000HE. sulit hehehe. bili ka naman ng 1005HA para sayo. :P

  2. claudine says:

    ooohh.. yun na lang bilhin ko.. but I would need to buy an external dvd player di ba?

    • Calvin says:

      yes if you want to install from DVD or watch videos from a DVD. pero don’t buy an external dvd player unless you need it talaga.

  3. Jeff says:

    The 1000 HE comes with the 1.66 mhz processor vs the 1.60 mhz of the 1005 HA.

  4. Marlon says:

    Correction on the info about the display. They do not support 1200×600 but rather 1024×600.

  5. David Towers says:

    This was a really helpful review – thanks. Was unsure whether to buy the 1000HE or 1005HA. Am pretty sure now I will buy the 1005HA! Thanks!

  6. sandra says:

    Hello from France,
    Just wondering if the 1005HA is fast enough to watch HD divX. Also is there any way to extend the RAM to 2G?

    • Calvin says:

      hi sandra, only 720p HD can be viewed on the 1005HA. not the full 1080p. the ram is replaceable to 2GB but if you’re going to do it yourself make sure you buy the one with the correct specs.

  7. ravi says:

    am planing to buy a netbook..i was dead sure that i was going for 1000he, but along comes 1005ha!! am confused now very much..though i liked the 1000he keyboard style(which was very defined)..but it is said you should go with the what do you recomend?? new 1000he 0r 1005ha??

    • Calvin says:

      ravi. if you can wait, i suggest wait for the 1005PE. it uses the new intel atom and has superior battery life than HE and HA. But if you can’t wait, you can’t go wrong with both so go with the next priority in your list.

  8. john says:

    I dont know much about atom processor of 1005 HA, can you tell me something about it?Is it similar to Pentium 3 or 4 in terms of speed?
    Is it really made in China?

    • Calvin says:

      It runs an Intel Atom N280 processor. In terms of speed it’s 1.6GHz but it’s power is different from that of Pentium 4 but it is ideal for netbooks which are mainly used for word processing, internet browsing, e-mail, etc. It’s low-powered which can give the netbook a longer battery life compared to those powered with pentium 3 or 4.

      I’m not sure if it’s made in China but almost anything now is made in China. I think ASUS is a Taiwanese company.

  9. allan says:

    just want to ask something lng po. ok lng po if much more on games ako sa p\eeepc q? im using 1005ha di p kc mrunong mxado

    • Calvin says:

      what kind of games are you looking at? starcraft 2? kaya sya pero magstustutter even at low settings. simple flash games from facebook kaya naman.

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