What’s your plan this Holy Week?

Aside from contemplating about their spiritual life during the Holy Week, some Filipinos go home to the province and be with families and some head to the beach instead, while the rest just stay at home to chill.

Going to Cebu

Right now. I’m at the airport waiting for our flight to Cebu. Yup, my wife and I will be spending a week on the northern part of Cebu where I spent my summer vacations when I was a kid.

Medellin, Cebu

I won’t be writing a guide for this one since we’ll be staying at my grandma’s rest house with my uncle and cousins. Instead, I’ll try to document how we spent our vacation.

Blog might not be updated

I’m not sure if I can update my blog during our vacation but I brought my laptop and a SmartBro prepaid just in case I could get an internet signal there. I’ll be posting some scheduled posts though to keep the blog somewhat fresh.

Guess I won’t be able to write about American Idol today. Drats.

Things to do

Here’s what I hope to accomplish during our 7-day vacation

1. Take loads of pictures. Haven’t seen the place for more than 15 years and I heard they did some wonderful renovations.

2. Swim, snorkel, swim, enjoy the beach and more swimming.

3. Go to Bantayan Island and take part of the Parada ng mga Lechon. Hope we could eat some lechon too!

4. Go to Malapascua Island. Hope we can find time to go here.

5. Bring home danggit. Eat plenty of seafood!

Wooohoo! Beach here we come!!! See you in a week guys!

Where are you off to anyhow during the Holy Week?

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4 Responses

  1. ekstranghero says:

    oh, my… snorkeling/beach may be good, but the lechon… nagutom ako!

    i’m just staying home. no, not just staying… working. have a book to finish (i’m an editor). long vacation, but the company thought we could use this to advance meeting our deadlines.

    kainggit. :-)

  2. crish says:

    wow sarap naman… naku wala ang AI update mo… it’s sad. nway, paupdate din pala ng link ko ha… it’s already myfashionjuice.com :) thanks!

  3. Calvin says:

    welp there’s internet here but only GPRS. it’s like im using a 28.8k modem. hehehe. no fun updating my blog if it will take ages to upload the pics. I can’t also connect whenever I want because of smart bro’s 30 minutes per connect.

    anyway, it’s so relaxing here. i’m using my laptop by the beach and the sound of the waves are making me sleepy. had lots of seafood, crab, squid, shrimp, shells, etc. mmmm.

  4. dyosa says:

    Happy Easter to you and Tia! :-)

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