Bohol tour on a budget with Ritchie

On our last day in Bohol, we met this great guy Ritchie Vasquez who brought us to the airport. Before we went to the airport, we asked him to take us to a place for an early lunch. He brought us to Chicken Ati-atihan which is cheap and delicious by the way and we invited him to have lunch with us.

Ritchie and his Pregio

Since he’s so nice to us, I asked him if it’s ok if I give him and his services a free spot on my blog. He gladly obliged so I asked him tons of question over our lunch.

A little something about him

Ritchie has lived all his life in Bohol and has been doing the tourist tour business for quite a long time now. He’s married and is expecting their first child real soon (as of this writing).

He’s a member of the tourist transport co-op in Bohol so you can be sure that he’s trustworthy and won’t take you for a ride. His rates are fair as well and he owns two vehicles, a Toyota Avanza for a small group and a Pregio for a large one.

Rates (this excludes any entrance fee)

Chocolate Hills Tour

– P2,000 using Avanza

– P2,500 using Starex

Panglao Island Tour

– P1,500 either vehicle

Going to Danao (can include in the Chocolate Hills Tour)

– P3,500 using Avanza

– P4,000 using Starex

Transport only

– P500 either vehicle

Contact Number: 0927-683-8580 (GLOBE), 0919-765-4571 (SMART)


His Toyota Avanza is very nice because it’s quite spacious for a small group unlike the sedan of other drivers.

Ritchie can also take care of your hotel accommodations and boat tours so he can be your all-in-one guy. He’s a trusted driver of Dumaluan Resort by the way. So if you’re looking for someone to tour you around Bohol or just a driver during your stay there, Ritchie’s your man.

Hehehe, I don’t have any cut or discounts from posting this. Just helping out a good man.

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130 Responses

  1. Justine says:

    Hi when you noted na Chocolate Hills Tour – is that just for the chocolate hills or does this include other sites near it… and 2,000 is already for the whole vehicle/whole time of the trip or per head lang? :)

    • Calvin says:

      chocolate hills tour tawag nila pero it covers all the places in the area starting from Tagbilaran City. yung price is for the vehicle. not included are entrance fees.

  2. kamil says:

    hi calvin, jaz wanna ask where i can contact this guy, we’re a group of 4 who’ll be going to bohol this june 19 and he could be a great help for us..

  3. Jean says:

    hi calvin,

    your blog is very informative and helpful. keep writing. =)

  4. Ash says:

    haha nice ah, may interview pa ka pang nalalaman. akala ko nga may Q&A portion na magaganap.

    Thanks for recommendation!! Noted na si Kuya Ritchie!

  5. vidal says:

    Your blog is fun to read and very informative as well. For sure kontakin ko na si kuya Ritchie.
    Keep blogging :)

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