And we’re back from Bohol

After 4 days in Bohol we’re finally back here in Manila with my blog and internet connection. Thanks to all who visited Calvin’s Hub and left comments during our trip.

We had a blast although we could use a bit more sun in the place. It was sunny the first day but afterwards it was too cloudy and bleak to enjoy the beach. Too bad cause the beach there was very beautiful.


The resort where we stayed (Dumaluan Beach Resort) had free WiFi but on the second day, they lost their internet connection so I wasn’t able to go online for the rest of our trip. They had cable TV anyway and I was able to watch American Idol and the PBA Finals (Congrats Talk N’ Text).

It’s good to be back and I  will write details about our trip in the upcoming weeks. But for now, have to go to the laundry and do some grocery. 

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3 Responses

  1. dyosa says:

    Hahahahahaah! Riot yung photo mo ng Tarsier! First time lang ako nakakita ng eyes na nakahalf-open. Ayluvet.

    calvin: ganun ba? karamihan sa nakita ko ganyan eh. baka inaantok pa.

  2. noee says:

    Kainggit naman! :)

    calvin: hehehe. kainggit din yang sa tyan mo :P

  3. sarap… at least updaed ka pa rin sa american idol

    calvin: oo nga eh.

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