How to transfer contacts to your iPod Touch

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  1. Bernie says:

    After turning my ipod touch, going to the “info” tab on Itunes, I tried to sync my contacts using the “Windows Contacts” option. It says it was syncing, but nothing was going onto the ipod. Then, I created a new account on gmail. Imported my contacts from Windows Live (OS Windows 7) using the export command. At the “info” tab on Itunes, I had changed the option to “Google Account”. There were a few alerts and warnings, but I needed those contacts on the ipod, ignored it. I had to confirm my new address and password for gmail. Resync the ipod; thus; the contacts were placed onto the ipod touch. Problem solved.

    • djsanchez says:

      Did this process also import phone numbers and addresses? I tried this, but only got the contacts with emails and those did not have phone numbers or addresses.

  2. A says:

    First place that showed me the simple steps!

  3. Jenna says:

    Help…i followed your directions to the letter but nothing was transferred from my yahoo contacts to my ipod touch contacts…what happened or what can i do to fix it?

    • Calvin says:

      what error are you getting? i think a lot of people are having problems with syncing their yahoo account. you need to use on your username. if it doesnt work still, go to configure and re-enter your password. other than that, i don’t have a clue anymore. :)

    • Bernie says:

      did you tried to change the syncing option from Windows live? Try creating a new account on Gmail.

  4. salome says:

    hi, i tryed to sync my windows contacts to my ipod but when i click on apply to sync the itunes ask that it will syce my apps and delete them all, i justwant to sync the contacts not the apps… please advice….

  5. Wayne says:

    still shows “no contacts”
    any ideas?

  6. salome says:

    i have a better idea, it tried it and it works very well, you can email the contacts from your windows by attaching the file in my document/contacts/.. in windows 7, and when you open the email attach on your iPod it automatically open it in your address book and ask to add it to you iPod contacts.
    it is so easy….
    hope i could help…

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