How to read PDF’s on your iPod Touch

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  1. Claudio says:

    I actually bought my iPod touch 10% because of you man. As soon as I saw that I could read stuff in it I was like:

    “Ohp! Gotta have it!”

    • Calvin says:

      Cool… you should’ve wait for the new ipod touch though. it’s quite a big improvement from the old model. stanza is another free app that can read PDF (and other e-books) by the way.

      • john says:

        calvin, a new app called: PDF Reader Lite is AWESOME! wayy better than this, please check it out and spread the word! this app got nothing on the new app. i just downloaded it and i can even read powerpoints! download pdfs directly from safari browser, etc! and best: it’s free!

      • Calvin says:

        thanks. right now im using goodreader which is a 99 cents app that also do the same thing. gonna check that PDF Reader lite out.

  2. megan says:

    Do you need the internet whenever you want to read the PDF?

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks mate, fab app!

  4. misona says:

    hei calvin, I was wondering what app can you use from the all you mention above to read your books without the wireless. ebooks are diferent of the .pdf or .doc books I can download from the internet?
    please lend me a good advice because in my country I don’t have wireless :( and I want to read my books from my ipod touch 4gen. can I really do that?
    please teach me how.
    Thank You!

    • Calvin says:

      Use iBooks. download pdf or .epub books then using itunes, go to the apps tab of your ipod, scroll down and look for iBooks there should be an option there to upload your books then sync.

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