Can you get appendicitis if you run around after eating?

I know most of you have been told by your parents or other grown-ups at one point in your childhood not to run around right after a meal. They say that the food will get into your appendix and you’ll get appendicitis.

So is this true or is it just something parents tell you so that you’ll behave after eating?

runningWell, this one ain’t true! Running or jumping around after a meal will not cause appendicitis. Just a brief tidbit, the appendix is a small, useless tube of tissue that extends from the large intestine. Appendicitis is caused by an inflammation of your appendix which is usually due to feces or growth clogging and infecting it.

If left untreated, it might burst and spread the infection to the surrounding organs. Usually if you have it, you will feel an unusual pain from your belly button moving to the lower right side of your abdomen and it gets worse in a few hours.

But running around after a meal won’t cause feces to shoot into your appendix and block it. Although, you could get an upset stomach or might puke if you do that. Remember when you just had that burger and fries meal right before riding a rollercoaster? Hehehe.

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7 Responses

  1. dyosa says:

    Buti nalang hindi ko na yang problema. Had an appendectomy when I was in 2nd yr High School. Papunta kami sa moviehouse ng nanay ko nun. Hindi na kami natuloy kasi hindi na ako makalakad due to an incredible pain in my right abdomen all the way to my right thighs.

  2. dyosa says:

    *right thigh* lang pala. Haha. Naalala ko na Batman film pa nga yung papanoorin namin eh.

    calvin: buti di na kayo nagpatumpik tumpik pa. hehe siguro after ng operation di ka na sinabihan ng parents mo na wag tumakbo after kumain kasi baka magka-appendicitis ka :P

  3. Jaimon says:

    Thanks! Now we all know that DK is WRONG!

    calvin: who’s DK? Donkey Kong?

  4. ruth says:

    so anong nangyari..??naoperahan ka??..hmmm…ndi pla totoo!!!!!..

    • Emily says:

      hello Doc, my was operated last friday march 12 because of his apendiz explode we dont know what the causes, we suspected because of too much coffee or maybe air in his stomach thats why it hurts him soo we took him to a quack doctor they called..and the quack doctorl told us that he felt symptoms of kidney failure and he gave my brother a massage to his stomach.. after it we go home and my brother still feel the pain and it worst so we decided to took him to hospital then the doctor operated because his apendix was explode…is it because of the massage thats why his apendix exploded or because theres another problem?

  5. Matthew says:

    I’m curious. First, the appendix is not entirely useless. A discovery in 2007 showed that the appendix actually houses and cultivates “good” bacteria, thus strengthening the immune system. Now, even though its removal from the body would not culminate in any obvious detriment to a person, perhaps a minor disadvantage could be proposed: an increased risk of infection. Good bacteria in the intestines help to prevent the establishment of harmful bacteria in the intestines (e.g., E.coli), so a removal of the appendix might increase susceptibility to these crazy bacteria . Keep in mind though that good bacteria can also be introduced through diet (e.g., yogurt). They really need to conduct a survey-type follow-up study on this discovery to figure out whether people without an appendix actually experience more infections, diarrheas, fevers, etc.

  6. linea says:

    ha!ha!ha! tapos na ang problema ko dyan

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