How to read eBooks on your iPod Touch

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62 Responses

  1. Flippchick says:


    I successfully transferred my esteemed collection of ebooks on my iphone by following your tips. Thank you so much for being a great help.

  2. Bellove says:

    Thank you so much this took literally ten minutes tro transfer like ten books!!!! Yeah

  3. Michelle says:

    you are a genius. Thank u so much, really!

  4. aspine says:

    Hey, I extremely like your theme in your website, did you have this tradition made or is it available?

  5. Julian says:

    Hey so i installed the book and i opened it on stanza on my pc but when i go to stanza on my ipod and go to Get Book and go on Shared it just says Computers Sharing Books: Searching… Any ideas what i can do please?

  6. I mean their human age. I know Edward is same age as Bella from the first book, Twilight, so how old is Jasper and Alice and the others?

  7. Michelin says:

    Where can you download free ebooks for your stanza?

  8. kei says:

    Is this surely applicable for ipod touch 4th generation? i mean, as much as you have an ipod touch 4th generation it is sure that you can have it?… thanks

  9. Callie says:

    I have an Apple iPod iTouch 2nd gen 8G.
    I suggest iBooks app from App Store. It can read .epub & .pdf files. You can create shelves based on series or author or genre.

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