How to read eBooks on your iPod Touch

My primary use for my iPod Touch is not to listen to music or watch videos but to read eBooks and connect to the internet. Here’s a short guide on how to get your eBooks to your iPod Touch and read them using Stanza by LexCycle.

Stanza is an easy-to-use eBook reader for the iPod Touch or iPhone. If you’re familiar reading eBooks on your Palm device, it’s about the same but with more nice features such as font, margin and spacing adjustment.


It can support the following formats: PDB, PRC, LIT, DOC, HTML, EPUB, RTF, etc. Check this page to view all the supported formats.

Ok, so what do you need?

  • iPod Touch with 2.0+ firmware
  • Stanza for your Desktop (Windows | Mac)
  • Stanza on your iPod Touch (iTunes)
  • A wireless network that can be accessed by your iPod Touch and your PC

Make sure that Stanza is installed and have your eBook ready. If you don’t know where to get eBooks, here’s a short list from Stanza. Or you could check out my guide on how to get any eBooks from mIRC.

Stanza (desktop)

1. Launch Stanza on your PC and open your eBook (Ctrl-O). In my example, I’m gonna use the first book of Twilight.


2. Make sure that you’ve enabled sharing. Tools > Enable Sharing


Stanza (iPod Touch/iPhone)

3. On your iPod Touch, launch Stanza then click Shared Books.


4. You will see all available networks and choose the one where your your book is located.


5. You will then see all books shared on that PC. Click the book you want to transfer to your iPod Touch.


If you want to transfer multiple books at the same time, open multiple instances of Stanza on your desktop with different books loaded.

6. Then click Download and wait for a few seconds for the transfer to finish. Once the Read Now button appears, you may click it to start reading.


7. To view all your books, go back to the main screen and click Library > Titles. Tilt it into landscape to view them in CoverFlow mode.



In the Library > Titles screen (Portrait View), you can also click Edit to change the title, author or cover image of a book as well as delete it.

It’s that simple! Enjoy your iPod Touch / iPhone as an eBook reader. Visit the Stanza website to see other tricks you could do with their app.

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  1. Flippchick says:


    I successfully transferred my esteemed collection of ebooks on my iphone by following your tips. Thank you so much for being a great help.

  2. Bellove says:

    Thank you so much this took literally ten minutes tro transfer like ten books!!!! Yeah

  3. Michelle says:

    you are a genius. Thank u so much, really!

  4. aspine says:

    Hey, I extremely like your theme in your website, did you have this tradition made or is it available?

  5. Julian says:

    Hey so i installed the book and i opened it on stanza on my pc but when i go to stanza on my ipod and go to Get Book and go on Shared it just says Computers Sharing Books: Searching… Any ideas what i can do please?

  6. I mean their human age. I know Edward is same age as Bella from the first book, Twilight, so how old is Jasper and Alice and the others?

  7. Michelin says:

    Where can you download free ebooks for your stanza?

  8. kei says:

    Is this surely applicable for ipod touch 4th generation? i mean, as much as you have an ipod touch 4th generation it is sure that you can have it?… thanks

  9. Callie says:

    I have an Apple iPod iTouch 2nd gen 8G.
    I suggest iBooks app from App Store. It can read .epub & .pdf files. You can create shelves based on series or author or genre.

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