The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 11

The stage is set for the final episode of The Amazing Race Asia 3 and it’s an exciting one! Almost eliminated twice in the race, can Ida and Tania sustain their lead to win it all? Will Geoff and Tish’s lack of good chemistry ruin their chance to be 1st? Can Sam and Vince catch up despite their 4-hour penalty?

Read on and find out.

Still in Muscat, Oman

Ida and Tania left the pit stop at 5:42 AM with Geoff and Tish trailing behind by ten minutes. Their first task is to drive to the Office of the Governorate of Muscat.

Upon reaching the site, they encountered an Hours of Operation for 8 AM. Not a problem since Sam and Vince are still hours behind.

Camel Crossing

Next task is for teams to drive to Said’s Camel Farm and transfer 10 camels into a holding pen.

Geoff and Tish were just following Ida and Tania. But they managed to get way ahead and still able to grab something to eat. Maybe Geoff and Tish stopped and ate somewhere?

At around 10 AM, Sam and Vince left the Pit Stop.

Ida and Tania were the first to arrive at the camel farm and finished the task even before other teams arrived.


Teams must then drive to a nearby sandy area and a team member must use a metal detector under the scorching sun to locate a key buried in the sand that will unlock the clue box. There are only 7 correct keys out of 70 and the the sand is really hot.

While on their way, Ida and Tania already felt the heat of the sun and Ida even commented that she didn’t wish her worst enemy to be stuck under it.

Unknowingly, Geoff and Tish’s vehicle got stuck in the sand so Geoff did a lot of pushing to get them out. When they got to the farm, they quickly transferred the camels and head to the roadblock where they met and Sam and Vince along the way. Team Hong Kong’s catching up.

Tania did the roadblock and was clearly having trouble working under the heat. She even stopped to rest and get hydrated. Anyway, she found the correct key even before Geoff and Tish arrived.

Sticky Situation

After a few more difficultness maneuvering their vehicle, Geoff and Tish arrived at the roadblock. They saw Ida and Tania having trouble getting their vehicle out of the sand. They’re at a disadvantage because they lack the power to push their vehicle.

Tish did the roadblock. I wonder why she didn’t wear any gloves for the hot sand.

Back at the camels, Sam and Vince were unfortunate to be stuck with the most uncooperative camels of the bunch. The camels kept running around and dragging the boys who had a hard time with the task.

Tisha found the correct key and they quickly went to their next destination. They manage to overtook Ida and Tania who still can’t get their vehicle out of the sand.

Finally, the Malaysians asked help from the locals to help them with their vehicle and were on their way out as well. I wonder why they didn’t think of that at first?

On their way out, they saw Sam and Vince who also had the problem of being stuck in the sand.

Phuket Here We Come

Teams must then fly to Phuket, Thailand then travel by taxi to Sam Poh Kong Temple to get their next clue.

At the airport, Ida and Tania caught up with Geoff and Tish. There are only a few flights available from Oman going to Phuket so Ida and Tania took a gamble by flying to Dubai on an earlier trip and get a connecting flight from there.

Geoff and Tish took a flight that will take them to Dubai -> Bangkok -> Phuket. Geoff was disappointed when Sam and Vince managed to make the same flight as theirs.

In Dubai, Ida and Tania missed their connecting flight! Uh oh! They had no choice but to get another flight to Phuket via Singapore.

When their flight arrived at Phuket, Geoff and Tish got a head start from seating at the front. Geoff was getting cocky knowing that they’re number one. They arrived at the temple first and got their clue.

Sam and Vince were just minutes behind.

Ice Cold Task and Karma

Teams must get to the Thai Trade Food Ice Factory at the port in Siray Island. Once there, they have to search for a small Amazing Race ice cube buried in a barrel full of ice shavings.

Karma bit Geoff and Tish as their taxi driver told them that he didn’t know where the ice factory is.

Sam and Vince got to the factory first and were surprised to see three untouched barrels of ice. They quickly went on to the task and found the cube for their next clue before other teams arrived. They’re on the lead!

Get to Lam Hin Pier

Teams must make their way to Lam Hin Pier to get their next clue.

Sam and Vince were glad to be ahead but their driver told them that their taxi just ran out of fuel. Not near any gas station, their driver was able to call in a friend so they could transfer taxis. Whew.

Finally, Geoff and Tish got to the ice factory but were clearly frustrated at their driver. They found the cube and their clue and were glad that their driver knew where their next destination is.

Ida and Tania finally arrived at Phuket and rushed to get their clue.

Floating Fisherman

At Lam Hin Pier, teams must ride a long-tail boat and look for a marked fisherman fishing in the middle of the sea. He will give them their next clue.

Sam and Vince arrived first and had no problems getting to the fisherman. They got their clue and were on their way to the next task.

Geoff and Tish got to the pier and went out to the sea. Geoff who seems not to be bothered losing their lead took his time taking the clue from the fisherman. Arrrghhh, stop horsing around.

DETOUR: Pull or Plunge

Teams must make their way via the long-tail boat to a nearby beach for a detour.

In Pull, teams must kayak to a nearby oyster farm and pull the oyster lines till they find the marked shell. They will exchange the shell for their next clue back at the beach.

In Plunge, teams must snorkel and search for a giant clamshell with a pearl inside and exchange it for the clue.

Sam and Vince chose Plunge. When they started doing the task, they found out that it’s hard to search the murky water along with the strong current so they decided to switch to Pull.

We’re Done

On their way to the beach, Geoff and Tish chose to do Pull since Tish is not good in swimming. Geoff was confident that they can catch up with Sam and Vince if they chose to do Pull since he thought they would have a hard time with the kayak. He’s pretty confident with their kayak skills.

When they got to the beach, they saw that Sam and Vince were still at the oyster farm. They quickly got to the kayak but realized that rowing it was harder than they thought. They were just going in circles and even flipped their kayak.

They gave up rowing for a while with Geoff’s temper flaring up. Geoff even mentioned that they’re done. Done with their relationship or done with the race? Either way, they just gave up. Sheesh.

Sam and Vince found the marked shell while Geoff and Tish are still stuck in their kayak. Geoff and Tish got dejected when they saw Sam and Vince heading back while they are still just sitting on their kayak.

Buried Treasure

Teams must get to nearby Rang Yai Beach and dig the sand for a buried treasure chest. They must then carry the chest towards the finish line.

Geoff and Tish eventually found the correct oyster shell and got their clue.

Ida and Tania knew that they were far behind so they just enjoyed the rest of the race. They efficiently did the ice task and then enjoyed the boat ride searching for the fisherman.

Sam and Vince had to do a lot of digging with their hands. The chest was buried deep in the sand and they had to clear lots of sand around it.

The editing crew made it look like that Geoff and Tish can still catch up. However, when they got to Rang Yai Beach, Sam and Vince are nowhere to be seen. Or are the buried treasure locations far apart from each other?  Anyway, both Geoff and Tish are still not in speaking terms and they just went on digging.

Ida and Tania did the Plunge task which I think is the easier one. They were goofing around while snorkeling with Tania even lifting up an anchor. They just laughed when they saw that the giant clamshell was placed in shallow waters so there’s no need for swimming.

Towards the Finish Line

Sam and Vince were able to dig the chest out first and carry it towards the finish line where the other eliminated teams are waiting.

When they step on the mat, Allan declared that they’re the official winners of The Amazing Race Asia 3. Congratulations guys! You did well overcoming your disadvantage at the start of the race. Too bad it’s at the expense of our team, hehehe.

Meanwhile, Geoff didn’t allow Tish to help with the chest and just carried it all by himself towards the finish line for second place. He didn’t even allow Tish to kiss him on the lips and just presented his cheek. It’s really sad to be second but we’re still proud of you guys! Who knew you’d go this far right?

Ida and Tania just took their time and enjoyed their 3rd place trip to the mat. You girls still did your country and your fans proud!

Just Some Thoughts

Sam and Vince deserved to win for being focused and just not giving up. They did not play around and did the tasks the best that they can. Congratulations again guys! You had us speculators fooled. :)

What can I say about Geoff and Tish? Well, they crashed and burned with their taxi driver. I guess that’s what happens if you get too cocky and overconfident, karma coming to bite you back.

Anyway, you still had a chance to catch up but you guys just gave up on the kayak. It’s really hard for teams with poor chemistry to work under pressure and Geoff and Tish’s performance is a proof of that. Hmm, I wonder what happened after the race?

I still commend you guys for placing 2nd. You even surpassed yours and our expectations That’s better than Marc and Rovilson’s performance last season! Maybe we’ll get 1st place next time.

Ida and Tania, you girls rock! Looking back, there’s really nothing you can do in Dubai although you could’ve win if you made that connecting flight no? But at least you had fun and enjoyed yourselves doing the rest of the tasks! You girls are really fun to watch despite placing 3rd.

That’s the end for TARA 3! Congratulations again to Sam and Vince. Hope you guys enjoyed my recaps! For more reading, please check out my TARA bookmarks.

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7 Responses

  1. Alter Ego says:


    Capture extremely detailed video in Full 1920 x 1080 High Definition resolution, as well as stunning 10.2 Mega Pixel still photos. Its Face Detection and Super SteadyShot technology helps make sure people look their best in videos and photos. Wait…there’s more. It can show you the winners of the Amazing Race Asia in advance. >:)

    calvin: for the second time Sony spoiled it for us! grr.

  2. Alter Ego says:

    Yup, it was sooo anti-climatic, the moment the HK team was ahead I had a feeling of deja vu.

    calvin: i really think it took them a really long time to find the ice factory. sayang naman talaga.

  3. Mys says:

    I still wish that geoff and tish had won but the hongkong boys did a great job in not giving up. It feels as if in the amazing race asia makes the one deserving to be the winner. Like last season when the singaporeans won. Plus, I agree with you 2nd is better than 3rd. Though Marc thinks he could have done the last challenge with the flags better.

    calvin: yeah the HK boys did a great job. hayyy… pero still sad pa rin na talo tayo.

  4. dyosa says:

    Thanks soooo much for giving the blow-by-blow updates on TARA. I’m a huge fan but because of work, I never get to watch it often. :-)

    calvin: hehe or baka laging sa labas kumakain pag thursday night :P

  5. cza says:

    blog-hopping! sayang Team Philippines no? oh well.. maybe the next race will be ours. :)

    calvin: hopefully. pero sana wag parang henry and terri couple like last season. hehehe.

  6. Jack says:

    “calvin: hopefully. pero sana wag parang henry and terri couple like last season. hehehe.”

    IMO henry and terri also added some excitement and G&T are mellowed versions of H&T.

    calvin: opposite version of H&T. Before the girl was the more dominant one. hehehe.

  7. Gena says:

    Good job with the recap Calvs. It looks like you put a lot of effort into each entry, well if you love the show like we do then it doesn’t seem to hard then. :)

    Sucks that Team Phils didn’t win but you’re right, a lot of things just went wrong and they also didn’t seem to work well together under pressure. Sayang!

    Looking forward to next season. I love Allan Wu! :)

    calvin: Thanks Gena. Nagbabayad ako 20 pesos per week para lang makanood. Harhar. Hopefully next time we’ll have a team in the mold of Marc and Rovilson. Suzie and Paulo kaya? hehe kulit ni Allan Wu. He always has this photo of him in mid-air.

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