The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 6

This leg is pretty short and not that difficult for the teams. Michael McKay hinted it to us anyway that after 5 grueling legs, he promised the 6th to be a lighthearted one. And it was as teams had fun doing the tasks and found time to joke around in front of the camera. No fighting on this leg.

Let’s start the recap then.

Home Court Advantage

Sam and Vince had a very nice and comfortable lead from the last leg and to make it easier for them, the next destination is Hong Kong which is where they’re from. They know they had the advantage so they just took it easy as they head out.

The first available flight for them is the 10:35AM and they were the only team to get in it.

Next flight is the 12:30 PM and Henry and Bernie just barely made it. AD and Fuzzie who were just minutes behind them were not so lucky and had to settle with the next flight at 1:15PM with Geoff and Tisha.

Ida and Tania who were the last team to leave got the 2PM flight.

Rugby anyone?

Upon arrival at Hong Kong, teams must travel by taxi to King’s Park Sports Ground which is the home of Hong Kong’s Rugby Football team. They had to get pass by the rugby players to reach the clue box on the other side of the field.

Sam and Vince didn’t have any problem at all as the rugby players weren’t much of an obstacle.

Teams must then travel by taxi to Central in Hong Kong Island at the corner of Hollywood Rd and Peel St. to get their next clue. Good thing they asked their driver to wait for them.

DETOUR: Get Fishy or Get Lucky?

Next task is a detour. In Get Fishy, teams must clean and gut 15 fishes at a nearby seafood market. In Get Lucky, teams must make their way on foot to Wyndham St. where they will have to open 300 fortune cookies until they find the one that will lead them to their next clue.

Sam and Vince chose to get lucky.

What About the Other Teams?

Henry and Bernie had no problems with their rugby task and had a good lead between Team Philippines and Team Singapore.

Geoff and Tisha found a good driver which they called a “racer” because he’s waring a pair of racing gloves. When they reached the field, Geoff was pretty hyper while Tisha don’t know how to go about the task. Geoff shouted at her, “Just run! They won’t hurt you, you’re too beautiful.” Hehehe. They realized though that it was a mistake to let their “racer” driver go as AD and Fuzzie arrived.

AD and Fuzzie just walked heading to the clue box which was pretty funny with all those players running around them. What a lazy duo. Hehehe. Unfortunately for them, their taxi left so they had a hard time getting another one since most drivers don’t want to travel to Hong Kong island.

Something Smells Fishy

With Henry being a chef and Bernie having experience with cleaning fishes, they quickly chose to do the Get Fishy task. They said that they don’t want to deal with tasks that involves luck after their BluRay experience in the last leg.

At this point, Sam and Vince were still cracking fortune cookies until they found the right one with only 10 cookies left in the jar.

They quickly got their next clue which was to travel by taxi to Central Pier. Board the Star Ferry to Tsim Shat Sui and take a taxi again to the Ladies Market.

Confucius Says…

Geoff and Tisha chose to do the Get Lucky task and as they started going through the cookies, AD and Fuzzie arrived.

Team Philippines found the clue before AD and Fuzzie and even before Henry and Bernie were done with their task! Excellent! Being in a jolly mood, Geoff kept goofing around saying “Confucius says, you’ve been a bad boy!” in a Chinese accent. :P

AD and Fuzzie eventually found the correct cookie as Henry and Bernie were just finishing with their fish task.

As Vince and Sam were on their way to the Ladies Market, Sam joked that the Malaysian girls might stop at Central shops and Tsim Shat Sui shops thus making it hard for them to catch up. Bad Sam. Hehehe.


At the Ladies Market, a roadblock awaits where one must choose a handbag hanging by the clue box. They must then search the entire market for a girl with the exact same bag which will have the next clue inside.

Sam chose to do the task but in retrospect, Vince said that he should be the one to do it instead since he’s much taller.

The Race Is On For Second Place

When Geoff and Tisha arrived at the Star Ferry, they were surprised to see Henry and Bernie just behind them. Still no chance of being friendly with the Pinoys, the two teams sat apart from each other inside the ferry.

AD and Fuzzie arrived just in time as the ferry’s about to leave and they sat beside Henry and Bernie who obviously are teaming up again. This move made Geoff and Tisha focus more and not rely on other teams. They know that they’re the odd team out among the remaining teams.

At this point, Sam finally found the bag at the end of the ladies market and got their next clue.

Pit Stop

Next destination is the Pit Stop at Blake Pier in Stanley Bay. Sam and Vince got there well ahead of the next three teams who just stepped off the ferry. For being first, they won a 3-day 2-night spa vacation at Santiburi Resort (again?!).

Race Continues at the Ladies Market

Even if Geoff and Tisha were the first to boardt a taxi from the ferry, it was Henry and Bernie who arrived first at the Ladies Market.

A few minutes later, AD and Fuzzie arrived followed shortly by Geoff and Tish. AD and Tisha chose to do the task for their respective team.

Bernie found the correct bag first well ahead of the other two girls. As they left for the Pit Stop, Henry nonchalantly mentioned to the camera that Bernie forgot to return the bag at the clue box. It’s not required though so Bernie got a free bag!

AD got her clue first before Tisha and this made Geoff kinda impatient. Fortunately, Tisha found hers shortly and they were able to catch up with AD and Fuzzie and beat them to a taxi. Hmmm, I think being pretty has its perks when hailing a cab. :)

What About Ida and Tania?

It was getting dark when Ida and Tania made their way to the Ladies Market. This is bad as the place tend to get crowded at night. Ida chose to do the detour quipping that Tania might have a hard time resisting going through each stalls with all those bags and trinkets around.

The placement of each team is pretty straightforward but Henry and Bernie beat the rush hour traffic giving them a bit of a lead from the 3rd team.

Good thing for Ida and Tania that this is one of the non-elimination round in the race! Yay! They had to surrender all their cash though.

Here’s the placement of each team after the 6th leg:

1st Sam and Vince (won another vacation for two)
2nd Henry and Bernie
3rd Geoff and Tisha
4th AD and Fuzzie
5th Ida and Tania (Non elimination round, surrender all money)

Just Some Thoughts

It was a pretty easy leg especially for Sam and Vince. I wonder when their luck will run out. I don’t like their prize though. What’s wrong with TARA? They should know that the team who completed the Fast Forward in the last leg will most likely come in first again.

Geoff and Tisha raced well and had a chance at 2nd place. 3rd is still a good spot though. I think other teams are considering them a real threat since they really don’t want to team up with them. It’s that or they’re afraid of Geoff’s temper? Anyway, Go Team Philippines!!!

AD and Fuzzie got really unlucky with the taxis in Hong Kong but they still held on.

Ida and Tania will probably have no problem getting some money. They have a good relationship with the other teams and are quite pretty to easily ask for some change from the locals.

Till next week! Have a good day!

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3 Responses

  1. JonL0ver says:

    As always, you have a nice recap once more, Calvin. Let’s cheer for our team. I am amazed how do you write so fast but with substance.

    Write something about that last replacements. I would love to hear it from you.


    calvin: Thanks jon! Sige, would try to write about the replacements in a different angle. research muna.

  2. Gena says:

    I must admit the HK boys did pretty well, what an advantage they got after doing the super cool (I’m thinking of getting one myself) tattoo fastforward.

    I’m still rooting for Team Philippines though kahit medyo maingay nga si Geoff. Hey he’s funny naman sometimes medyo overwhelming lang ang personality.

    Go Pinas GO!! Win this thing! :)

    calvin: yun, that’s the word im looking for. overwhelming personality. hehehe.

  3. Alice says:

    someone thinks team singapore will win the race

    calvin: the guy said team HK would win. anyway. it’s still pure speculation. :)

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