The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 4

tara3 Episode 4 has a lot of driving involved using an automatic transmission car so no problem for our privileged racers. However, map-reading skills is very important or they can simply hire and follow taxis, bring in local passengers or just ask from the police.

Here we go.

Not a 24-hour Airport

From Hue, Vietnam, teams must fly to Taipei, Taiwan and drive to the Red Pavillion for their clue. Teams left for the airport at around 2 AM but it opens at 6 AM so everybody started on equal footing.

Ida and Tania didn’t want to sleep outside the dark airport like the others so they chose to check in a nearby hotel. Anyway, everybody was still able to board the same plane to Taipei via Ho Chi Minh first thing in the morning.

Driving in Taipei

Everybody got to their car without any problems save for Niroo and Kapil who are somehow not familiar with its advance features.

Sam and Vince knows Mandarin so they were able to ask for directions easily and got to the clue first. Niroo and Kapil went into the wrong lane thus missing the exit. Geoff and Tisha were able to find a local to lead them to the clue.

DETOUR: Shoot or Shape

tangram Their next task is a detour. In Shoot, teams must drive to the miniature museum and look for a tiny clue placed within miniature settings on display and shoot it with a camera. In Shape, they have to drive to the night market to form 4 specific shapes using tangrams, an old chinese puzzle.

Everybody chose to do “Shoot” but most had trouble finding the museum. Henry and Bernie were stopped by a police for an illegal U-turn.

Mai and Oliver found the museum first by taking in a local passenger to guide them.

Car Problems

Niroo and Kapil can’t seem to remove the keys from the ignition so they can’t leave the car easily. One must be left behind with the car while the other asks for direction. Funny thing happened when Kapil tried to stop a car to get in thinking it was Niroo driving. Turned out to be a wrong car. Hahaha.

Blessing In Disguise

AD and Fuzzie, when asking for direction were mistakenly informed by the locals that the museum is already closed so they had no choice but to do “Shape.” It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they finished the task way before the others.

Back at the Museum

All the teams caught up at the museum except for Niroo and Kapil who were still lost and AD and Fuzzie who were on to the next task. Everybody had a hard time looking for the clue.

Eventually, Oliver found it first but did not reveal the location to the other teams.

However, when Sam finally found the clue, he had a Eureka moment and accidentally shouted it out. Everybody heard him and they all gather to take a shot of the clue. Hehehe. Thank’s Sam!

Niroo and Kapil are getting frustrated at their car to the point that they want to quit and head back home without finishing. After the commercial, they found the museum and were allowed to leave the keys in the car while they do their task.


Braille Power

The teams’ next task is to drive to the Institute for the Blind and learn Braille. One member is blindfolded to feel the Braille dots. He must then dictate the Braille code to his partner who will decipher the message using a Braille code guide. It’s kinda tricky if you and your partner don’t have a strategy on how to communicate the Braille dots.

AD and Fuzzie got lost again so it was Mai and Oliver who were the first to arrive at the institute. They didn’t encounter any problems and were able to finish even before the others arrived. Way to go guys!

Next task is to drive to Shenkeng and find a restaurant for their next clue. They hired a taxi to lead the way to Shenkeng.

Next to arrive at the institute were Ida and Tania followed by Henry and Bernie then Sam and Vince.

Sam and Vince finished promptly and they got the clue with the USD20,000 check to give to the institute.

Geoff and Tisha finally arrived and were able to finish the task ahead of the two Malaysian teams. Go Pinoys!! Henry is getting a bit frustrated at Bernie as Ida and Tania finally finished their task leaving them behind.

Still no sign of AD and Fuzzie.

Drive to Shenkeng

Here’s where it gets weird. Mai and Oliver were clearly ahead but Ida and Tania managed to catch up with them with their own taxi guide. Mai and Oliver’s taxi was so slow and even managed to miss the exit so they had to turn back.

Ida and Tania eventually arrived first at the next task which is a roadblock.

ROADBLOCK: Stinky Tofu

In this roadblock, one of the team members must eat a large bowl of stinky tofu. It looked really ordinary but it’s really disgusting. According to Wikipedia, “it consists of tofu, which has been marinated in a brine made from fermented milk, vegetables, and meat for as long as several months”. Yuck!

Ida who loves tofu can’t help but to tear up while eating. Looked like she’s being tortured.

Mai and Oliver finally arrived followed by Sam and Vince. As expected, Oliver was the one who did the task. Even he had trouble with his food but kept his tough image.

Ida kept throwing up. I guess she won’t eat tofu for a very long time after that.

Vince had no problem eating disgusting food prompting Mai to exclaim, “Are you a monster or something?”. Sam replied, “We Chinese eat almost anything”.

No sign of Geoff and Tisha yet.

Back at the Institute for the Blind

AD and Fuzzie finally arrived and so does Niroo and Kapil. They managed to catch up with Henry and Bernie who eventually finished the task. AD and Fuzzie finished right after them. Both teams teamed up and hired a taxi to lead them to ShenKeng.

Geoff and Tisha managed to get lost and had to ask the local police to lead them to the restaurant in Shenkeng.

Ida finally finished her food and they were still ahead of the others onto the next task which is the Pit Stop.

A few minutes later, Oliver finished his food followed shortly by Vince even before the rest of the teams arrived.

Pit Stop

The next pit stop is at the Taipei City Hall Square.

Ida and Tania charmed their way on having a police escort and got to the Pit Stop first where they each won a Nokia N96 phone. Sam and Vince managed to arrive before Mai and Oliver with the help of a local who they smuggled into their car.


Henry and Bernie and AD and Fuzzie finally arrived at the restaurant. Still no sign of Geoff and Tisha. Yikes!

Henry didn’t have any problem eating the stinky tofu even if AD kept on belching as she eats. Henry made some funny remarks during this time. They’re becoming my favorite team this season. They finished their food almost at the same time.

Finally, the Philippine team! Tisha did the stinky task with nose clips. Man, they seem to be well prepared on this race. She finished her food even before the last team arrived.

When Niroo and Kapil arrived, they didn’t bother doing the task and opted for the 4-hour penalty at the Pit Stop. Bleh.

Here’s the placement of each team after the 4th leg:

1st Ida and Tania (Nokia N96 phones each)
2nd Sam and Vince
3rd Mai and Oliver
4th Henry and Bernie
5th AD and Fuzzie
6th Geoff and Tisha
7th Niroo and Kapil (eliminated)

Just Some Thoughts

Not good for Team Philippines as they bring the rear. But I’m guessing that the next leg would be a non-elimination one. Hope they bounce back.

Kudos to Ida for finishing her food even when it’s clearly breaking her down. They deserve to be first on this race.

Mai and Oliver are proving to be strong here and Sam and Vince continues to be lucky. Are they really good or just plain lucky?

Too bad for Niroo and Kapil who didn’t manage to stay for the India leg. I know there’s one this season.

Welp, till next week!

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3 Responses

  1. Gena says:

    Ngaaak Bakit from Episode 1 to Episode 4?? GRR Spoiler! Hhahaha.. Anyway I did NOT read this entry but I just want to say I love TARA and go Team Philippines!!!! :)

    calvin: andyan na yung ibang episodes. pwede mo nang basahin. hehehe.

  2. noee says:

    Kamuka ni Kris Aquino yung isa dun.

    calvin: sino? si mai?

  3. kerol says:

    As always, Ida and Tania keeps continuing admire me. They just the coolest team ever!~. And for the Thailand team, I love Mai. She knows how to works on Oliver. And Oliver, great dude! I hope this two teams will competing in the final race. =p

    calvin: i still like henry. i think they’re gonna be one of the final 3 teams.

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