The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 3

The 3rd leg of the race is kinda short if you don’t count the travel time and everything took place in Hue, Vietnam. It’s not easy though as teams have to perform most of the tasks under the sweltering heat of the sun. It was certainly a hot day for racing. Teams who can keep their cool in check have the advantage here.

Ok here we go.

Are you kidding me? A 25-hour Bus Ride?

Henry and Bernie head out first at 5 AM. The first task is to travel to the city of Hue by bus. When they arrived at the bus station, they couldn’t believe that it would take around 25 hours to get there. Not only that, the buses are not the luxurious type and they will be traveling with boxes and sacks of goods so it’s gonna be a bit cramped.

Here’s how the distribution of buses went:

Bus 1 had Henry and Bernie and Niroo and Kapil. Niroo thought it’s going to take only 1 and a half hours since TARA let them ride on such buses. Not only that, they encountered a flat tire and had to wait for awhile on the side of the road allowing Bus 2 to pass them.

Bus 2 is an air-conditioned one with three teams on board. Sam and Vince, AD and Fuzzie and Geoff and Tisha.

Bus 3 is also air-conditioned with only Ida and Tania as the team on it.

Bus 4 had Mai and Oliver and the Beauty Queens. Not only were they last but they also encountered a flat tire as well.

Finally Arrived at Hue!

After an uncomfortable bus ride, Bus 1 managed to arrive first followed by Bus 3 at around 6 AM. Henry and Bernie got to the clue box first. The teams must walk on foot towards the local Caltex service facility which opens at 9:30 AM. This allowed the other teams to catch up except for those in the last bus.

They could’ve caught up but they got lost looking for the service center. The 4 Thailanders headed onto the wrong direction before they found out that the service center is just near the clue box.

Automobile Maintenance

At the service center, teams must choose a jeep where they must put on some tires and change the oil. I thought all-girl team would have some difficulties here but Ida and Tania and AD and Fuzzie didn’t seem to have any problem.

As usual, Mai’s role is to just hand over the tools to Oliver who knows his way with cars. Pailin however has to do most of the work as Natalie doesn’t even want to help lift the tires. Anybody here thinks that Oliver and Pailin should be the one to team up?

Sam and Vince finished first followed by Niroo and Kapil. Henry and Bernie went third and the beauty queens were the last to finish.

Let’s Ride Them Jeeps

Teams must then ride their jeep along with the driver to Khai Dinh Tomb to find the next clue.

Henry and Bernie were unlucky with their jeep when it broke down and they had to push for it to start.

Anyway, Niroo and Kapil were the first to get to the tomb with the other teams arriving shortly.

ROADBLOCK: Coin Collecting

In this roadblock, a racer must ride the jeep again to a nearby ancient grounds. Once there, he must search the grounds for 7 different coins each representing an emperor and bring it back for the next clue. This will allow the other team member to rest for awhile in the shade.

Niroo, Vince, Henry, Ida, AD, Geoff, Oliver and Natalie head out for the roadblock while their other halves rested nearby. This was the time when the teams confronted Tisha about Geoff saying that he was being mean or rude to them. Poor Tisha.

The coins were laid out on stone benches with a brief story about the emperor. Niroo was the first to collect all coins and went back. He got the next clue which is to arrange the coins in the order of the reign of the emperor it represents. Uh oh. He didn’t knew about that.

Henry and Vince however, didn’t take any chances as they wrote the info on each emperor. Same goes with AD and Geoff. Going back, Henry’s jeep won’t start so he had to push it again. Good thing Bernie didn’t do the roadblock.

As the teams arrived back at the tomb, Niroo was begging the others to help him out but everyone is busy with their task. Henry was the first to arrange the coins in the correct order and got the next clue. He gave his notes to Vince who was having a bit of trouble. He said it’s a sign of gratitude to Vince for lending him his pen. You’re a good guy Henry.

At this point, Niroo rode his jeep again back at the ancient grounds to take down notes. AD finished the task next and gave her coins in the correct order to Ida. Vince finally got his coins right but didn’t bother to mess the order up prompting Sam to say that they’re not a happy family.


DETOUR: Sticks or Stalks?

The next task is a detour where teams must choose whether to create 10 incense sticks by rolling the sticks thinly on some clay (takes skill and patience), or thresh a bunch of rice stalks (hard work under the sun).

Henry and Bernie got to the incense making task first followed shortly by the others who also chose “stick”. Geoff doesn’t have the patience for the task after a few tries so they switched to “stalks”.

Back at the Detour Task

Back at the tomb, Natalie had to go back to the ancient grounds to get the correct order while Pailin waits patiently. Oliver finally got his coins right as Niroo just got back from taking notes.

Bad Jeep

Henry and Bernie finished the stick task first and went to the next task where they had to ride their jeep again to Quoc Hoc Park to search for the next clue.

When they got to their jeep, they saw the hood open with their driver trying to fix it. This cost them time as Sam and Vince were able to finish their sticks and went past by them. When they finally managed to get it to start, AD and Fuzzie and Ida and Tania also just finished their task.

Sorry Pailin

At this point, Natalie just got back to the tomb but still can’t arrange the coins correctly even after going back to the ancient grounds to jot down notes. Niroo finished the task as Natalie went to a corner and sulked.

She finally decided not to complete the task and just take the 4-hour penalty when they reach the Pit Stop. When she got the next clue, Pailin was ecstatic only to find out that Natalie didn’t complete the task. What a letdown for Pailin who can’t do anything about it anymore.

Can’t Find the Clue

When the teams arrived at Quoc Hoc Park, they scattered to find the clue. They were looking for a clue box not knowing that the clues are on some cyclos parked near the entrance.

Sam and Vince were the first to saw where the clues are but the others quickly noticed them.

Cycling to the Pit Stop

cyclo Their next task is to ride a cyclo to the Pit Stop at Hue Citadel. A cyclo is some sort of reversed trike where the passengers seats at the front and the driver pedals from behind. It’s pretty hard to maneuver and some teams didn’t know how to use the brakes.

Geoff’s temper flared up as they try to maneuver the cyclo. Luckily for Tisha she’s already used to his temper.

Henry bumped a vehicle along the road and their cyclo flipped over. Good thing Bernie was alright. They quickly gathered their belongings and went on their way.

After a bit of argument on how to handle the cyclo, Fuzzie sat down really tired and wanting to give up.

Vince was having a hard time too and lashed out on Sam who just let him be and allowed him cool down a bit. Good for them.

At the Pit Stop

Nothing dramatic here. Henry and Bernie arrived first again and won themselves a Sony HD cam each. Sam and Vince were a close second followed shortly by Ida and Tania.

Expectedly, Pailin and Natalie were the last team to arrive and were eliminated.

Here’s the position of each team after the 2nd leg:

1st Henry and Bernie (won 2 Sony HD cam)
2nd Sam and Vince
3rd Ida and Tania
4th AD and Fuzzie
5th Geoff and Tisha (still 5th)
6th Mai and Oliver
7th Niroo and Kapil
8th Pailin and Natalie (eliminated)

Just Some Thoughts

Wow, Henry and Bernie are still the team to beat. They were cool under pressure even if their jeep kept going out on them.

Do the top four teams have a pact or something? They seem to be helpful to each other. Telling where the clues are and giving advices. Nobody likes Geoff except for Tisha. Geoff needs to control his temper some more. It does not look good in national television when Tisha always has to put up with his temper.

Aside from Henry and Bernie, I would say good job to Oliver for carrying the slack for his team once again.

I really feel sorry for Pailin. She still had some fight left on her and she really did her best on the race. I really hoped it was her who partnered with Oliver. They would really make a formidable team.

Well, until next week. Thanks for reading folks! I’m out.

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4 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    Good job with the recaps, Calvin. I’ll be linking to your recaps on my site.

    Calvin: Thanks Ken. Missed TARA again?

  2. kerol says:

    I have to say, this season was the toughest so far. I’m impressed with Bernie and Henry. They just nailed everyones up. What a great effort! And who can beat them for being patient. They deserve to won this time episode. As usual, Ida and Tania also was not dissapointed. Good job Ida! Geoff and Tisha? Urgghh..I don’t have any idea how Tisha can stand with Geoff temper. It’s irritating. Mai and Oliver? Uhhh..I love this partner. Pailin and Natalie? Sorry Pailin. It takes two to tango =p

    calvin: it must’ve been really frustrating for Pailin that Natalie would give up easily.

  3. Claudine says:

    TAR 13 will start this Sunday in the US so live broadcast on Monday sa AXN. :)

  4. noee says:

    There’s something that doesn’t sit right with me when Natalie said that being dirty is lowest form of humanity and that they were being treated like less than humans.

    Dapat ata ipadala sya sa Tondo or sa India. Madaming less than humans dun according to her definition. I can just imagine her doing charity work for being a beauty queen – todo smile at the cameras tapos pag-alis ng camera puro complain. Ugh.

    calvin: hehe. drama queen talaga. kawawa si pailin.

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