The Amazing Race Asia 3 – Episode 2

Wow! If you thought that the 1st leg of the race is difficult, the 2nd one is even more physically challenging. A lot of teams broke down and got frustrated with the tasks. This episode is filled with lots of lead changes right from the start and it’s really a grueling day for all the racers.

This one’s a very long post so here we go.

Teams started the 2nd leg at Chiang Mai, Thailand with the first team, Mai and Oliver heading out at 10:35 PM quickly followed by Geoff and Tisha and Henry and Bernie who were 10 minutes behind.

Flight of the Gibbon

Their first task is to travel to the village of Mae Kompong and do the Flight of the Gibbon Treetop Adventure where they will ride zip lines over the rainforest.

Mai and Oliver found a willing passerby to let them stay in her house for the night thinking that the venue won’t open till morning. Geoff and Tisha and Henry and Bernie took their time going there as well.

The rest of the teams who left at around midnight headed straight to the Flight of the Gibbon immediately. Sam and Vince got there first and was able to get the first slot! It seems that the task can only be done by one team at a time. Oops too bad for Mai and Oliver.

In the morning, the first team to finish the task was Sam and Vince followed by AD and Fuzzie then by Ida and Tania who were onto the next task. Expectedly, Mai and Oliver finished last.

ROADBLOCK: Paintball

Next task is to go to a banana plantation to search for a backpack somewhere which has the clues in it. However, they have to avoid getting hit by paintball snipers hidden in the area or else they have to go back to the starting point.

Even though Sam and Vince finished the previous task first, they were unlucky with their taxi driver who got lost. Same with AD and Fuzzie and the rest who just followed the lead taxi. Geoff and Tisha got a good driver and they were the first to arrive at the plantation with a comfortable lead.

Geoff who was in a good mood for being first set off to the plantation in search for the backpack. Problem with being first is that all snipers are focused on you so he wasn’t able to get past them and quickly lost their lead… and his cool. Guess who arrived second? Mai and Oliver!

Anyway, the rest of the team finally arrived and the first to finish was Ida with a nice lead from the others. She was followed by Fuzzie despite being a big target. Mai finished 3rd and Bernie was 4th who was bruised badly by a paintball. Guess who finished last? Sam and Vince!

Going to Vietnam

Next task is to go to the Saigon Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City for their next clue.

Ida and Tania arrived at the airport first and were able to secure the first earliest flight to Vietnam via Bangkok before other teams could arrive.

Next fastest flight is via Siem Reap, Cambodia. Henry/Bernie, AD/Fuzzie, Geoff/Tisha, Niroo/Kapil and Sam/Vince boarded that flight.

Even though Mai and Oliver arrived at the airport early, they weren’t aware of the plane to Cambodia. They got a ticket to Vietnam via Bangkok but it will leave Bangkok in the morning. Fortunately for them, they were joined by the Beauty Queens and the Koreans.

Ida and Tania arrived in Ho Chi Minh early in the evening well ahead of the others and promptly find their next clue.

Let’s Play a Video Game

Their next task is to go to Saigon Pho Cafe and play a Nokie space racing game called System Rush. Each member must complete a level to get their next clue.

No problem for Ida and Tania who got their clue even before the second batch of teams landed in Vietnam.

Where’s The Flower Vendor?

Teams must then make their way to Ben Thanh Market where they will get their next clue from a flower vendor.

Since it was already late, Ida and Tania were informed by the locals at the market that the flower stall opens at 7 AM so they just called it a night and check in into a hotel.

Second Batch Has Finally Arrived

The next batch of teams finally landed at Ho Chi Minh City. Only AD and Fuzzie had problems locating the Saigon Opera House so they were left behind by the others.

Vince and Sam had no problems with their video game. Tisha and Bernie had a bit of difficulty with theirs while their male counterparts just waited unable to do anything.

Henry or Geoff?

Here’s the difference between the two during the task. While Tisha is having troubles completing the game, Geoff kept on goading her to the point that Tisha is getting annoyed.

Henry however, just allowed Bernie to concentrate even though it’s frustrating him every time Bernie had to start all over again. Henry was kinda amusing as he made funny faces at the camera out of frustration.

Anyway, Geoff and Tisha finished ahead of  Henry and Bernie. When they got to the market, they saw the Hours of Operation sign on the flower stall that actually opens at 6 AM!

Not good for Ida and Tania. Sam and Vince somehow missed the sign as well.

Meanwhile, Back in Bangkok

The Koreans and the Thailanders are stuck in Bangkok waiting for their flight to Vietnam at 9 AM in the morning. Only Pailin and Natalie chose to stay at the airport where Natalie broke down crying not able to bear the thought of her sleeping inside an airport.


It’s A Brand New Day

At 6 AM, the first teams to get the clue and leave for the next task were Geoff and Tisha, Niroo and Kapil and AD and Fuzzie. So far so good for the Pinoys.

They’re to travel to Cai Be Bus Terminal where they will get their next clue.

DETOUR: Sampan or Some Walk

Next task is a detour. In Sampan, teams must fill a boat with fruits and transport it to a fruit vendor via the river. In Some Walk, teams must find a chicken coop and capture 20 chickens to put into baskets. They must then carry the baskets and deliver them to a nearby market.

Rowing is tricky and very hard but Geoff and Tisha, AD and Fuzzie still chose to do it. Tania has phobia handling chickens so they chose to row as well.

Niroo and Kapil chose to capture chickens and so does Henry and Bernie who found the chicken coop first.

Meanwhile, Sam and Vince got kicked out of their bus on their way to Cai Be. They lost some time walking on the road until they were able to hitch a ride.

Hard Headed Geoff

Geoff and Tisha had difficulties loading the baskets of fruits on the boat and Geoff was clearly exasperated at the situation. When they finally finished loading the fruits, he’s finding it hard to control the boat with the oars. Out of frustration, he smashed a fruit (was it a watermelon) onto his head and broke it open.

AD and Fuzzie and Ida and Tania were not having fun as well and they decided to switch and do the chicken task instead. Geoff and Tisha followed suit. Sam and Vince were able to catch up as well at this time.

Chicken Run

The chicken task is no cakewalk either. Bernie had a hard time carrying the baskets on her back. Getting lost on their way to the market vendor did not help the tension between her partner either. Same goes with Niroo who was not physically fit to carry a heavy load in such a distance.

Anyway, Henry and Bernie were the first to finish the detour and got their next clue. By this time, you could see that the teams are really, really tired.

Time For A Bit Of Charity

Unfortunately, it’s not yet the Pit Stop. Instead, they must travel back to Ho Chi Minh City by bus to this church with a long, weird name where Red Cross volunteers are waiting. Each volunteer represents a charitable organization and teams were given $500 each to buy things needed for the charity.

Back at Chicken Task

Back in Cai Be, Geoff took Ida and Tania’s chicken baskets by mistake. Or was it intentional since Ida’s baskets were full of small chickens? Anyway, Ida chased Geoff and he had to go back to switch baskets. Tisha was really tired at this point and Geoff was getting impatient.

Sam and Vince were able to catch up with Niroo and Kapil so they left for the next task at the same time.

Ida and Tania and AD and Fuzzie boarded the same van leaving Geoff and Tisha behind.


When Geoff and Tisha arrived at the bus terminal, Geoff kept blowing his whistle looking for a driver. Tisha who was already tired wasn’t in the mood to argue anymore and just let Geoff do his thing.

Last Three Teams to Vietnam

Nothing special to report here. The beauty queens were the last to finish the video game. On their way to Cai Be, Natalie broke down again. It seems that she can’t bear being dirty and wants to quit the race. She called being dirty the lowest form of existence. Eh?

A Friend in Need

Back at the church with the long, weird name; Henry for some reason suddenly broke down crying as they were just about to leave for their charity. He said that its because of the stress and that he’s really tired.

Anyway, they bought a couple of sacks of rice and some food for their charity and got their next clue well ahead of the others.

Pit Stop

Yup! Finally it’s the pit stop where teams must make their way to the Museum of Vietnamese History for a well-deserved rest.

Henry and Bernie arrived first and won themselves a year’s supply of petrol from Caltex. Good job guys! You deserved to be first!

So What Did The Others Bought For Their Charity?

Sam and Vince raided a supermarket and bought groceries. AD and Fuzzie had it easy just buying a keyboard (piano) with their money. Geoff and Tisha, did some more heavy lifting to add to their frustration as they had to buy baskets of vegetables. The Indians also bought some groceries. Ditto for Ida and Tania.

And The Last Three Teams?

All three teams went to do the chicken task since it’s too late and dark for rowing. As usual, Oliver did all the work gathering the chickens while Mai just stood there crying and made a good job being practically useless.

Same goes with Isaac who can’t bear handling chickens. They were left behind by the other teams considering that they should breeze through the task for being fit for heavy lifting. Got beaten by three girls and a guy. Sheesh.

Poor Volunteers

I pity the volunteers for having to wait all evening for the last three teams. Anyway, Mai and Oliver just bough a laptop with their money. Pailin and Natalie simply gave the money to the head of their chosen charity.

Lagging behind, the Koreans still had to buy some groceries and arrived at the Pit Stop last and were eliminated.

Whew! Told you it’s going to be a long post.

Here’s the position of each team after the 2nd leg:

1st Henry and Bernie (won a year’s supply of petrol from Caltex)
2nd AD and Fuzzie
3rd Sam and Vince
4th Niroo and Kapil
5th Geoff and Tisha
6th Ida and Tania
7th Pailin and Natalie
8th Mai and Oliver
9th Isaac and William (eliminated)

My Top Three Teams At This Point

Right now, I think Henry and Bernie have the best chance to win this whole thing. Aside from being physically fit, they have a good thing going between them. They don’t get frustrated easily and seems to be focused on the race.

I would say Ida and Tania could go a long way as well. They don’t squabble and compliment each other. They always find themselves in the middle of the pack which is a good thing.

I really would love for Geoff and Tisha to win. But with Geoff’s attitude, it’s going to be hard for Tisha to stay cool. Tisha’s really trying her best Geoff, give her a break. Hope they’ll be able to start working together peacefully.

Till next week everyone! Go Team Philippines!

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4 Responses

  1. kerol says:

    I’m Kerol from Malaysia and one of a big fan of TARA. It so was exhausted to see all racers finishing their tasks. But they did a great job. Congratulation to all racers..(especially to Ida and Tania).

    To calvin’s hub, you did such a great job with the review. I love it! =p

  2. Calvin says:

    Hi Kerol, thanks for dropping by and thank you for the kind words. Can’t wait for Thursday to arrive. Hope to see you on the site again.

  3. kerol says:

    Hey!~ Same here. Can’t wait for the upcoming episode. I have to say Geoff is a big competitor in the race. Since you are from Phillipines, just wonder if Geoff is a big star in your country. For Ida, she is one of the hottest movie star in Malaysia. Award-winning actress too. I’m surprised she is one of the contestant in this game. Same goes to Bernie Chan. One of the hottest tv host in Malaysia. =p

    calvin: Geoff is not that big here. He had some exposure a couple of years ago but that’s it. I’m warming up on Bernie. She and Henry are really jiving pretty well. have you read their interview (along with Ida) about their experience in TARA?

  4. greenerz says:

    nice review…
    i’m glad that Bernie and Henry was the first team to arrive. But I’m a little dissapointed with the racers, they seems like.. umm.. not racing.. :p

    calvin: hehe you can’t blame them. this seems to be the hardest race yet. it’s exciting though.

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