Free Ridiculous Burger at Burger Avenue

If you’re a burger addict, you might want to avail of the free Ridiculous Burger at Burger Ave. But as you well know, there’s no such thing as free lunch. Here’s the catch, you have to finish the burger in 5 minutes to get it for free. If not, you have to pay its price Php200.

Take the Ridiculous Challenge Sounds easy?

Introducing, the Ridiculous Burger… it’s humongous! It has 3 beef patties, with 3 slices of cheese, some lettuce and tomatoes. Better not eat breakfast if you want to take the challenge.

But if you managed to accomplish the feat, not only will you get sick of burgers for awhile, you’ll also be amongst the conquerors of that Ridiculous Burger and your picture will be immortalized on the wall (well, until they have to tear down the wall in the future).

Burger Ave. has been around since the first quarter of 2008. It is located at the Ground Floor of A. Venue Mall in Valdez St. corner Makati Ave.


They have the same style of cooking (flame-grilled) like that of Brother’s Burger, Hotshots, Wham, etc. but boasts of a lower price tag. Their burgers are made for those with big appetite so you will really get your money’s worth.

They also deliver by the way in case you don’t want to smell like a burger from dining there. Here’s Burger Avenue’s menu:


Click to enlargeAvenue Burger 80
Cheese Burger 90
Double Avenue Cheese Burger 120
Double Cheese Burger 140
Cheese Pimiento Burger 99
Crispy Bacon Melt 130
Cream Cheese & Garlic 99
Barbecue Bacon Burger 99
Blue Cheese Burger 99
Wasabi Burger 99
Ridiculous Burger 200
Sexy Burger! 95
Cheese Steak Sandwich 135
Hungarian Sausage 125
Sloppy Joe Hotdog 90
Ham and Cheese 65
Tuna Melt 55
Chicken Salpicao 85
Potato Wedges 45
Onion Rings 45
Softdrinks 35
Milk Shake 80
Chocolate Decadent 65

*pls add 12% for VAT

They are open and delivers from 10am till 1am on Sunday to Thursday, then 10am till 3am on Friday and Saturday.

Hmm what if one of those beggars or tambays around the area takes the challenge if they get hungry? Do you think they would allow it? Free meal everyday hehehe. Maybe you could give it a try. Offer to back one of those hungry people outside the Php200 fee to take the challenge.

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9 Responses

  1. aLiNe says:

    Ang laki naman ng burger.. matakaw lang yung makakaubos nyan within 5 mins.. hahah!

  2. Calvin says:

    pwedeng pwede sa mga pulubing hindi pa nakakakain ng isang araw.

  3. cza says:

    ooooh.. parang may kilala akong kayang kaya gawin yan! isasali ko nga sya. :)

  4. The Sherwinator says:

    The Sherwinator

    I am from Davao. I will be going to Manila this January and I have included this place in my itinerary. We do have a one (1) pound burger from an American Diner here in Davao called AL’s Diner Giant Burger and it was like eating 4 quarterpounders! I’m looking forward to wolfing down this ridiculous burger in under 5 mins… I will be posting my eating time here after my “Ridiculous Burger Challenge”

    Wish me Luck!

    calvin: woohoo! Good luck man! It’s not that hard just take your time. There was a chick in their records who was able to complete the challenge in less than 3 minutes. Check it out if you can.

  5. nat says:

    may nakapost na picture doon na naubos nya yun burger for 1 minute 30 seconds lol

  6. u8mypinkcookies says:

    they have a new branch in The Fort.. hurrah!! :)

  7. u8mypinkcookies says:

    tried their Jr. Avenue Burger. It’s good.. yummy grilled burger patty on oatmeal bun! Love their bun too… thumbs up for their fries as well!!

  8. Sherill Maribao says:

    really yummy treat…i will keep coming back for more…just hope to have one in mandaluyong

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