Different varieties of Philippine rice

We went to the supermarket earlier to buy some groceries. While passing by the rice section, I began to wonder just how many different varieties of rice do we really have? I’m talking about only white rice here. I know there are red, brown, or black rice out there.

76549809Let’s see here are the different types of white rice that are for sale:

  • Sinandomeng
  • Dinorado
  • Milagrosa
  • C4
  • Jasmine Rice
  • R64
  • Japanese Rice

I know there are lots more out there but those are the only ones being sold on the supermarket. Aside from that there are different sub-types like Sinandomeng Special, or Long Grain, or Thai Jasmine.

Can you really tell the difference between them all? Like what’s the difference between Sinandomeng and Dinorado? Can you really distinguish it? I know I like Jasmine rice among the others because it smells good and it’s soft and they clump just right.

So what are the types of rice that are usually bought by middle-income earners?

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7 Responses

  1. aLiNe says:

    I dunno the difference but I love Japanese rice… Maybe because of the aroma or must be the texture …

  2. Calvin says:

    jasmine rice parang japanese rice na less sticky.

  3. prottoy says:

    i want to know detail about supper rice. pls inform me.thank u.

  4. lanz says:

    Its not black rice…..aCTUAlly its “tapul” in our dialect comMonly used in making SUMAN….

  5. Desiree says:

    ano po bang pagkakaiba nila sa isat isa?
    at yung characteristics po ng different varities of rice..

  6. Ryanel says:

    Its the aroma and the texture of rice. Some are maalsa and some are sticky when it was cooked. Ang iba naman maputi. Most people look at the color of the rice.

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