Can you get sick from getting wet from the rain?

Can you really get sick if you got wet from the rain? This is one of those things that people tend to believe when they get sick during the rainy season.

One of my team member said that she got sick with the flu because she got caught in the rain during the weekend. I say hogwash!!! In the movies people don’t use umbrellas yet they don’t get sick if they got wet from the rain and enter an air-conditioned place.

This is just what mothers tell us when we were still kids so we won’t play in the rain. You get sick with the flu and cold because of VIRUS. And rain doesn’t bring those virus. Those virus are always there infecting people with poor immunity.

Rainy season just tends to bring people close together indoors so the risk of catching a cold will be high. Also, experiments show that there is a chance that being cold could lower your immunity which makes you more susceptible to illness.

Don’t believe me? Well search google some more. :)

So if you get caught in the rain next time, quickly dry and warm yourself up and don’t make it an excuse for being sick. Well, unless you got sick with leptospirosis for walking in the rain-flooded streets of Manila.

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10 Responses

  1. Judith says:

    Yes, you only get sick when your immunity levels are low, making it easier for you to catch a virus. People spread virus. And crowded places are perfect breeding grounds for virus. You are likely to catch one if you go to a mall, or if you share an office with 50 other people and there’s no open window because airconditoning’s centralized. If there’s an outbreak, employees are better off not going to work, to prevent an outbreak. Matira ang matibay.

    Here’s another myth—maligo daw agad sa bahay pag nabasa ng ulan : )

    calvin: hindi totoo yan. unless na lang nabasa ka rin ng putik. hehehe. important is to dry yourself. pero pag feeling mo madumi ang ulan due to all those pollution, sige pwede na rin maligo.

  2. lorelai says:

    “In the movies people don’t use umbrellas yet they don’t get sick if they got wet from the rain and enter an air-conditioned place. ” bakit mo naman kinukumpara sa movie? eh nde nman tlaga totoo ang movies.. pag ngkasakit ang artista ciempre nde na pinapakita

    calvin: tama yung movie. di ka naman talaga magkakasakit dahil lang nabasa ka sa ulan.

  3. Ripper says:

    try nyo maligo sa ACID rain.. tingnan ko kung hindi kayo mag kasakit

  4. QED says:

    @Calvin – Nice post overall. But on the issue of whether or not cold exposure modulates the immune system, that issue has not been fully determined. There have been a number of studies that show the exact opposite; these studies demonstrate that cold exposure can actually intensify the immune response. However, the majority of studies I could find show no change in the immune response

    “Cold exposure: human immune responses and intracellular cytokine expression” (CASTELLANI, J. W., I. K. M. BRENNER, and S. G. RHIND)

  5. krakatoa says:

    Yesterday I got caught in the rain. Today I feel sick. Explain!

  6. saidesh says:

    hey.. this is too rediculous… if you get wet in rain for 5 or 10 mins it’s ok no probs.. but if you don’t dry up for more than 1 hr… difinitely you will feel sick…. after alll you are a human being… this is practical not theory

  7. richard says:

    I live in a tropical country, and I am saying that there is definately a Relationship between rain and catching a cold. This has been happening for generations. Because science does not understand the reason does not mean that a link does not exist. My country never gets cold and is always hot and when it rains people do not remain indoors yet it is only during the rainy season that people get cold and flu, there must be a reason besides assuming that people lock themselves indoor and give each other the virus.

  8. 7zonneikan says:

    Have you ever wondered that the wapors emanating from the pavements contain tons of viruses and thus when the rain falls over the hot pavement it liberates the viruses up with the vapors?

  9. meh says:

    meh… what a bad example… :/ people in movies?? did they get the real rain? omygosh! you.. I always feel sick if i got wet in the rain. unless if i took a shower after and dry my hair..head watsoever properly.

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