Charlie Green is out in Britain’s Got Talent

Half-Filipino and Half-Brit Charlie Green got booted off Britain’s Got Talent during the semi-final round. The jazz wonderkid sang something new and original that his father’s friend made and it cost him a slot in the Finals.

The top 3 vote-getters of his batch were:

  1. George Sampson, the amazing street-dancing kid who didn’t make it last year
  2. Strike, the karate instructor duo
  3. Charlie Green

Since George got the highest vote on this batch, he got an automatic slot in the Finals. Charlie Green’s and Strike’s hopes lies on the judges’ decision. Simon wants to see Charlie Green in the Finals with a more popular song. Amanda who has a fancy for young studs voted for Strike but we can’t blame her for that. Piers though, who I think has a soft heart for Amanda also chose Strike ending little Charlie’s second chance.

I don’t know. I’d rather watch a brilliant kid singing Jazz than two shirtless guys doing a martial arts routine. Maybe the ladies beg to differ.

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3 Responses

  1. awww.. sayang naman siya..

    calvin: oo nga eh. panget yung batch na na-group nya. sana si madonna swertehen.

  2. Patricia says:

    kahit na panget na batch niya cute parin siya crush ko siya!!walang aagaw!!!!!

    calvin: hehe andito pala sya sa pinas ngayon. di ko alam kung may show o bakasyon lang.

  3. Lina says:

    I watched Charlie Green concert in Anaheim forum last Saturday, march , 21 and oh my gosh… he’s amazing kid, he got a golden voice, words cannot descrbe how godd singer he is. I am pretty sure that he will be a superstar in the future. very sweet boy and amazing voice. When he sing your heart will be captured because of his warm, sweet amazing voice.
    I only wathed him on TV before, but when i heard him singing in real he’s great. NO wonder tthat Simon Cowell comment that he’s amazing kid. I pray that he will be a successful singer. You are great Charlie and I am so proud of you. More power to you.

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