Sky or Destiny for Cable TV?

Just got a letter last night from Sky Cable informing us that they would be switching the signal in our area from analog to digital. This means we are forced to use a Digibox to watch cable. Sucks.


This Digibox allows our TV to receive digital signals which is much clearer than analog ones. The box also eliminates illegal cable connections. One Digibox can only accommodate one TV. If you split the cable to another TV, both TV will get the same channel as that in the Digibox. The Digibox has its own remote control and it consumes additional electricity albeit minimal.

The letter stated that we need to have the Digibox installed before April 28 when they will stop using the analog lines. The Digibox and the installation would be free of charge for the number of TV’s declared in the account (maximum of three).


We have two TV’s but only one is declared to the cable company (which was OK previously in Home Cable). To allow cable for the other TV, we have to pay Php350 for the installation fee, deposit Php1,500 for the Digibox and add an additional Php150 per month for the 2nd connection. That would bring our monthly cable due to Php680 + Php150 = Php830.

Now imagine if you have 4 TV’s. That would be Php1130 per month and Php4500 deposit for the boxes. Not to mention 4 additional remote controls for your TV’s and the cumulative power consumption of the boxes.


I guess I would then be switching to Destiny. Sky Cable’s monthly due is too much for 2 TV’s and 3 people. Destiny Cable TV’s monthly subscription is only Php450 (Php500 in some areas) and Php50 for each additional TV.

Destiny is ok but they don’t have 24 hour call support and their website doesn’t seem to be updated that much.


  • Star World (Luckily American Idol is also shown in QTV)
  • AXN (No more Amazing Race for me)
  • Star Movies
  • Lifestyle Network (Now where can I watch those fabulous cooking shows)
  • Animax and Hero (No more anime)
  • National Geographic
  • Velvet
  • CinemaOne (My wife watches this)


  • Basketball TV (Woohoo NBA Playoffs and the Olympics)
  • JackTV (Better than Maxxx)
  • Animal Planet
  • Discovery Channel (will replace my Nat Geo)
  • Discovery Travel and Living
  • MGM Movies (Bleh)
  • Hallmark Channel (Bleh)
  • Pinoy Box Office (Will replace CinemaOne)

List of SkyCable Channels
List of Destiny Cable TV Channels

Oh well. Can’t help it, I have to sacrifice those channels to save some bucks. I just hope that when Star’s contract with Sky Cable will expire this May, they would negotiate with Destiny.

It’s a good thing that Solar Entertainment decided to broadcast ETC, 2nd Ave, and Crime/Suspense on the free channels.

How ’bout you? Would you switch when it’s time to get a Digibox?

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30 Responses

  1. crish says:

    Hay… ganun nga.. lahat halos dito ganyan eh… so kelangan mo tuloy kumuha ng box per tv… unless yun nga.. pag nagshare ka… dun sa box ka lang makakalipat ng tv… like yung sa room namin connected sa baba… so pag may nag on ng TV sa baba at nanonood kami sa room kelangan sumigaw… hehehe… wat if crucial pa naman… hehe

    calvin: honga eh. wala naman masama sa ginagawa nila. pero hindi lang talaga uubra sa karamihan ng mga pinoy na walang pera. kung binabaan sana nila rate per tv ok lang eh. pero at least mawawala na mga illegal connection.

    • hitman says:

      hi guys, lifestyle network, myx, cinema, anc and other abs-cbn channels are exclusively seen only on sky cable manila,,,,, for provincial cable,,,, depende na lang kung carry nila un……… may btv, solar, jack tv, etc, 2nd avenue, c/s or c/s origin mayron din sa provincial,,, as well pbo, star movies, hbo, axn or axn beyond, fox crime, discovery channels (travel and living, home and health, turbo at science), history, bio, crime & investigation, flip etc….. the difference is mas mura ang monthly payment compared to manila….. sky cable is not pang masa (P680 silver or P870 gold), althought more channels are exclusive only on sky cable, (exodus solar channels replaced with new channels last 2008),, while destiny is for pang masa (P450 only and P500 in some areas with espn and star sports)…. but no axn, star channels (except channel v) and animax and 2 abs-cbn channels only (sky has 8 channels)…. lifestyle network and asian food channels are good for womens loves cooking….. cinema one is the best watching tagalog movies compared to pbo, because aired regal, star cinema, maq, viva, etc…. but pbo is commercial free……

      correct poh un,,,,,,, many areas in mega manila are victimized of illegal cable connection,,,,, skycable is the first victim and second is global destiny…..even so skycable converts analog to digital cable technology to eliminate the prone illegal connections,,, but the digibox is so cheap, we need to deposit the digibox (P1,500 late last year and now rise to P2,000). global destiny is coming soon to converting digital…… ok lang sana kung low rate kaso 680 kung silver at 870 kung gold……\ maglalabas nga kayo ng ganung amount……

      i don’t like destiny. that would mean i’ll lose velvet. ayoko!!!! and hindi maganda ang PBO.

      sa akin ok lang destiny kasi nandun and btv (also return on sky cable on premium channel and required digibox to avail this channel) and also pbo,,, but sa totoo lang mas gusto q pa rin ang cinema one kasi mas maraming movies at carry nila ang star cinema….. velvet , lifestyle, and asian food ch. is very good watching for women like u……. for men siempre btv (because of nba), solar sports, espn, star sports, balls (because of ufc) jack tv, maxxx and others…….

      dapat may stock sila ng digibox….. alam nila na mayron magpapa-subscribe sa kanila……

      destiny has planned also for converting analog to digital cable….. but coming soon…..

      Another insider claims that SkyCable wanted to remove ETC and JackTV to make room for their own channels, Velvet and Maxxx. SkyCable wanted to retain C/S, 2nd Avenue, Solar Sports and Basketball TV, but Solar made a decision that they will only renew their contract if SkyCable carries all six channels. Thus, Solar decided to pull out all their channels rather than remove ETC and JackTV…… but btv has return last year (late oct, 2008) to concide the nba 2008-2009 season…… eto pa ung nabasa q sa research q,,,,

      oh by the way guys,,, Dream Satellite TV ceased carrying three (3) Solar Channels namely, Solar Sports, ETC and 2nd Avenue effective 01 February, 2009. Dream’s carriage contract with Solar Entertainment which expired on 31 December, 2008 was not renewed by Dream citing financial constraints as its main reason. The three Solar channels were replaced by A&E’s The History Channel, Biography Channel and Crime and Investigation Channel.
      kaya wala na din sa dream subs ang solar,,, nakakalungkot naman,,,,, but dont’ worry cable stills carry solar channels in their area…………


      calvin: pambihira. isang post na ito ah. hahaha. yung btv sa sky ala-cart lang. you have to request na makuha mo yung channel and pay extra. tama ka, kaya nila tinanggal yung etc and jack para sa channels nila pero 2 years ago news pa ito. :P pero thanks pa rin sa pagbigay ng iyong opinyon tungkol sa cable tv of your choice.

      • Tony says:

        I use analogue so I can record on a Hard Drive recorder and watch when I like. All the digital services here are no good for that, they need to offer a smart digital box with two tuners and a built in hard drive as in Europe, if they plan to force us all to go digital then make it as good as what we have. I will go to first operator to offer this as a premium box or stay analog as long as possible then get the cheapest just for news.

  2. xelynah says:

    i don’t like destiny. that would mean i’ll lose velvet. ayoko!!!! and hindi maganda ang PBO.

  3. Polydozel says:

    as long as there’s jack tv, i don’t have any complaints… maxxx sucks big time… abs-cbn did a horrible job on copying jacktv, wala pang btv, star channels isn’t a big thing to be lost… (except star mandarin…

  4. darkreize says:

    A letter I sent at those incompetent fools over at Skycable..

    Yeah, well. We received a letter informing us that our area will be converting to digital signals so we have to avail of the digibox. We agreed and my mother paid the bill, someone from Skycable called us and said it will be installed on May 4. “MAY 4”.. as of now, it’s already June 4, and still no digibox. We have been experiencing cable loss for a while now, around a week or two. Interruptions occur for hours, the least is 4.

    So on June 3, our cable went off at 3 in the afternoon. We tried calling your call center and they told us that our area already switched to digital signal. She told us that it would take around a week for our digibox to be installed. All of the Skycable subscribers in our compound applied for this digibox a long time ago, so where is it now? My girlfriend in Malabon and other friends in Makati applied for this digibox and they received it within a week or less. Are you implying that there are other areas that should be prioritized?

    It has already been a month since that call we received for that installation. We are not at fault here, the bill is already paid and a set date was given. We entered into a contract just by that mere agreement, and it should have been installed on “MAY 4”. Besides, is your management not thinking about their customers? Moving to digital signal when customers who have paid and did their part have not been provided service due.

    If you would kindly please provide us with the number of someone who is in charge in our area so that the people in our compound can gladly tell him about our situation. Your help is much appreciated. A week without tv is too long and it is not our fault that it your crew is no where to be seen. We did our part, we paid the bill now please provide the service. Thank you.

  5. Calvin says:

    man that sucks. let me know pag may reply na. what do you think happened? naubusan ng digibox? if that’s the case then dapat hindi muna nila ginawang digital yung lines sa area ninyo.

    we switched to destiny. when our cable went off nainstallan kami kaagad ng destiny on the same day so we’re good.

    pero still mali yan sila. they should compensate you guys for not being able to provide the box on time. parang nagbayad kayo sa wala.

  6. ping says:

    Theres This growing issue now with meralco own by the lopez who owns the skycable as wel w/c is about overpricing of some sort so i think for you guys who subscribe to services of the lopezes get use to this scheme “High Price Poor service”.

    The marcoses should have get rid of this Lopezes during the 70″s maybe we wont have to suffer to this monopolistic business venture of the lopez

    Destiny Cable:

    well im a subscriber for this company i think they will add some new channels like HIstory CH. Biography CH. i think Fox crime will be there as wel

    Star Channels:

    as of Now Espn/starsports are only available but only tru premium service if your in QC area

  7. Calvin says:

    Hayyy. Kawawa talaga tayong mga consumers.

  8. Louisse says:

    Same problems with me guys. Me billing problem pko aside from the signal problems. They are supposed to charge me Php 636/per month as stated in the contract but they actually charged me 730. Sucks! I had it disconnected na and I’m switching to destiny. I’m gonna miss Star Movies, Myx and Cinema One though. My kids will surely be crying over Hero’s loss…huhuhu

    calvin: may disney naman eh. and discovery. :) ok lang rin disney although problema lang is their support. hindi 24/7.

  9. m3wt says:

    Screw sky, they don’t have jack tv and btv two of the most watched TV channels in cable television.

    calvin: for guys mewt. for the ladies they don’t care about those channels. gusto nila lifestyle network which is wala sa destiny.

  10. Manuel says:

    destiny cable used to be a mirror cable tv provider to skycable. then a few years ago, sky negotiated for an exclusivity contract with star channel to dislodge destiny even though they had not been paying star channel’s fees. these lopezes really can’t stand competition especially when their business is affected. that’s why the channels of destiny was diluted. i just hope that in May 2009, destiny can renegotiate with star to finally bring back all star channels. In fact, ETC, JackTV, and others were originally launched in destiny cable and when sky realized a lot of consumers were watching those channels, they got to carry it also for sky. then they decided to do it on their own with velvet and maxx which to me are terrible copycat channels. that’s how the lopezes do their business. IMO their a bunch of profit hungry cheats in all their businesses especially meralco.

    btw, why pay sky extra fees for discovery travel, turbo, cnbc, fox news, playhouse disney, etc. when in fact destiny is carrying all those channels for free. sky’s owners to me are a bunch of greedy individuals.

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