Pacquiao vs. Marquez rematch, watch it live in SopCast

Hey there pinoy boxing fans, remember that tomorrow’s the rematch between Pacquiao and Marquez. You can watch the fight via pay-per-view, movie theaters, or delayed telecast in TV (GMA7).

To those who subscribed the pay-per-view and have blazing fast internet speed, maybe you can share the broadcast to others via SopCast.

If you want to know how to watch the match live via SopCast, Pinoy websurfer posted a short guide here. For me, I’ll just be watching it on TV around lunch time.

Link: Watch Pacquiao vs Diaz life and free online

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9 Responses

  1. treeztuhn says:

    i hope this one work…..^_^im serching this for month and still dont know where i can watch it live,because it realy suck if someone txt u the result of the fight while your still in round 1!!!!^_^

  2. Calvin says:

    good luck. if you have slow connection speed, don’t even bother. you also have to wake up early and start searching for a good channel then don’t let go of the connection. :)

  3. treeztuhn says:

    tnx for the info sir calv..and sopcast is now working on me but the problem is what time or your friend zoul share the chanel that you have post in the link websurfer??…or can you pls txt me in this # 09205408546^_^i just need a fast reply,sory for bothering you,i know your a filipino and you know how hard for me to type all of this because im not good in english…hehe

  4. Calvin says:

    visit zoul1380 now. he posted some channels already. or you can try subscribing to his rss feeds to get updates if more channels are to be added.

  5. treeztuhn says:

    hey calv..even it is still ofline do i need to wait??^_^morning just wake up

    calvin: i would suggest you continue find channels that are online.

  6. treeztuhn says:

    all chanels are about you cavs??any chanel online?

    calvin: ei nakakuha ka ng channel? hindi ako nag-try kasi wala rin ako sa bahay this morning. panalo si pacquiao, pero nahirapan talaga sya.

  7. Manny Paquiao says:

    thanks for promoting me calvin! mabuhay ang pinoy!

  8. wow! nagcocomment si manny! ikaw ba talaga yan manny?? kamusta ang mata mo?

  9. Calvin says:

    hehe grabe sikat na talaga itong blog. pati si manny nagkukumento dito hahaha.

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