What does DVDscr, TELESYNC, CAM, R5 etc. mean?

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  1. yonni143 says:

    Thank u calvin I’ll try that tool afterwards… nde po the mummy 3
    hey calvin can u suggest other site that offers movie aside from rapidfind.org which I am using except also the torrent cause it takes time to download and I dont trust the torrent cause sometmes it’s a scam walang laman na movie ung video… ahahah dami kung tanong

    calvin: torrents lang yung pinakamadali eh. just make sure to read the comments and ratings of other users para malaman mo kung legit or not. if you are a member of demonoid.com, tinatanggal nila yung mga scam torrents. Check this post on how to download from torrents properly.

  2. yonni143 says:

    calvin u said earlier that the best release type is HDTV can u elaborate more how it’s done.. is it the same with ripping a DVD using a software or what?? Thank u in advance

    calvin: the concept is almost the same pero instead from DVD, usually sa BluRay nanggagaling yung movie. an excellent source of info would be videohelp.com

  3. yonni143 says:

    eheheh HDRIP pala ung sinabi mo….what’s the difference between HDTV and HDRIP???? and how it’s done??

    calvin: HDRIP is a movie rip from a BluRay while HDTV is from hi-def digital streaming where you need a capture card para ma-save sa PC.

  4. yonni143 says:

    wow fast reply………….I usually download movies at mininova.org Thanks for the guide they can’t scam me again!!!!!!! by the way what’s BluRay what source it is???
    can u elaborate more on HDTV??I’m still confuse….. sorry for being ignorant calvin ha….I’m just curious of this stuff….

    calvin: hahaha. iniispam mo na yung comment section. :P anyway, dati merong HD-DVD (kaya may mga HD players) but it was scrapped in favor of BluRay. So think of BluRay as a high-capacity DVD (25 or 50GB) so you can cram high def movies with lots of extras. HDTV is a TV that is capable of showing hi-def shows via digital streaming (think of those CSI rips that has a note saying in hi-def) or hi-def movies.

  5. yonni143 says:

    ahah na spam kona ba comment…so bluray is actually could be a bluray player or a bluray disc that can store 25-50GB
    wow I can’t imagine how many movies can I cram
    calvin is it possible to play a bluray disc to a HD DVD player or to play a HD DVD to a bluray player?? ahaha TV pala ung HDTV….anyway where could u buy those bluray ?? mura lang ba yan??

    calvin: there are players that can play both bluray and HD DVD. meron nang blank na bluray pero mahal, dunno how much though. you also need a bluray writer which are also available. the cheapest from PC Express is around 9840 and only has 20x speed.

  6. yonni143 says:

    so my lightscribe writer can’t recognize a bluray blank disc…. pwede ba dlawa writer mo??? Thanks calvin I learned a lot
    of things…

    calvin: nope, unless lightscribe bluray reader din sya. pwede dalawa or 3 as long as you have the slots (SATA/IDE) for them and if your power supply can support them.

  7. Lovely says:

    thanx so much. this has been really informative.
    i’ve always wondered what they meant and never could find a straight simple answer.

    thanx again, ur the best

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